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BukSU takes steps in Inclusive Business Practices

MALAYBALAY CITY – Bukidnon State University has taken a significant step towards promoting inclusive business practices by participating in the Inclusive Business Accelerator Programme (IBAP) Training Sessions held at the Century Park Hotel in Manila from May 23 to 25, 2023.

Dr. Jiemalyn B. Paulican, Extension Director, and Jan Isobel C. Hidalgo, College of Technologies Extension Coordinator consist the BukSU delegation.

The three-day training sessions aimed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to create sustainable inclusive business models.

Dr. Paulican and Ms. Hidalgo actively engaged in interactive workshops, discussions, and seminars conducted by experts from BopInc and Lingnan University.

The program was organized by the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) and covered various aspects of inclusive business, with a focus on empathy, customer-centric approaches, marketing strategies for underserved markets, digital marketing, distribution models, and the importance of collaboration.

The training sessions provided valuable insights into designing inclusive solutions, understanding the needs of diverse target customers, and balancing social impact with profitability. Dr. Paulican and Ms. Hidalgo actively participated in the program, which concluded with a pitching session where participants showcased their inclusive business ideas.

BukSU’s participation in the IBAP Training Sessions highlighted its commitment to promoting sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. The knowledge gained by the university’s representatives will contribute to fostering inclusive business ventures within the local community and driving positive change. Dr. Paulican and Ms. Hidalgo were equipped with valuable expertise to create inclusive business models that address societal challenges and promote equity. Their participation in the training sessions strengthened the university’s efforts to cultivate inclusive and impactful entrepreneurship. (With a report from Extension Unit)

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