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Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
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Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

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The Bukidnon State University Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) was established in June 2020 in response to the learning continuity plan of Bukidnon State University amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic by virtue of BukSU Memorandum No. 69, s. 2020. This is to ensure the implementation of the flexible learning system as mandated by CHED Memorandum Order No.4 s. 2020.

The CITL helps the university in the implementation of the flexible learning system to ensure the continuous delivery of education and its improvement amidst the restrictions imposed by the global pandemic. To effectively carry out its functions, duties, and responsibilities, the CITL is under the direct supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It works closely with the various departments/colleges, campuses, and non-academic offices of the university. It is composed of the following sections:

  • Faculty Development and Instructional Support
  • Technology Integration
  • Instructional Design and Development
Unit Goals
The Bukidnon State University establishes the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) as a response to the transition of flexible learning on higher education sector. The CITL shall provide academic support services to students, faculty and other stakeholders in the implementation of the Enhanced Outcome-based Education (OBE) and Innovative Education models using the flexible learning system.

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning CITL functions on the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Enforce policies, standards and guidelines to ensure the quality of innovative teaching and learning materials; 
  2. Monitor and evaluate compliance with standards for continuous quality improvement; 
  3. Recommend technological facilities and tools for the advancement of teaching and learning;
  1. Coordinate, develop, and deliver strategic, quality and responsive capacity development in the use of technologies in teaching and learning; 
  2. Provide individual and group consultations for faculty and other teaching staff related to OBE, Innovative Education, flexible learning and technology integration including design to distance learning courses; 
  3. Provide technical support to students taking flexible, online or distance learning courses; 
  1. Develop and maintain online learning management systems; 
  2. Design and develop innovative instructional materials; 
  3. Make available facilities and tools for production and use of innovative teaching and learning materials; 
  4. Serve as repository and channel of communication and information sharing of resources on teaching and technology integration; 
  1. Coordinate with university departments/colleges on services, activities and projects related to instructional design & development, advancement of teaching, offering of distant & online courses, short Massive Open Online Courses, and other innovative online programs; 
  2. Establish external linkages and consortia for implementation of services, projects and activities on  innovative teaching and learning systems;
  1. Provide technical and administrative support services for the effective and efficient implementation   of ITL activities; 
  2. Provide service and support for the design and development of online programs and courses and   instructional materials; and 
  3. Conduct regular inventory of all equipment and knowledge product of the center and keep an updated record. 


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Key Accomplishments

Other Highlights

708 Syllabi reviewed in 2023

The unit reviewed and facilitated further review of 708 syllabuses. These were reviewed along the criteria of HyFlex learning. The review of these syllabuses significantly contributes to the university’s accomplishment of its SDP, specifically on SMART Education.

37 IMs reviewed in 2023

The unit reviewed and facilitated 37 IMs for 2023 as shown in Figure 3. The instructional materials review begins with the program IM Coordinator or the Program Chair’s review. It then undergoes review from CITL’s IDD coordinator. Upon complete revision, including the student’s feedback, the material is subjected to plagiarism and grammar tests. When these are completed, the material undergoes IMDB approval, with the board composed of the Colle Dean, CITL Director, University’s Legal Counsel, VPAA, and University President. Only then can the material be endorsed to the IPTTU Director.


Dr. Cecille Marie T. Improgo
CITL Director
Dr. Catherine D. Libertad
Faculty Development and Instructional Support Chair
Dr. Maricel R. Inovejas
Instructional Design and Development Chair
Keano Lehryns H. Jimeno
System Administrator
John Bryan Pit M. Acaso
Web Developer
Glenmark T. Artiaga
Multimedia Designer
Airys Pril C. Gorra
CITL Staff

Other Information

  • Syllabus Review Process
  • Organizational Chart

The review process of the syllabus ensures that these are thoroughly scrutinized by the University Curriculum Committee. The process involves reviews from the program chair, then the CITL’s FDIS coordinator. When revision has been done which complies with the suggestions from the reviewers, the syllabus is then routed for approval of the committee which additionally comprises of the CITL Director and the VPAA.

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