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Accounting Office

Katherine Lou P. Bandas
Unit Head - Accountant III

     Bukidnon State University (BukSU) – Accounting Office continued service depends on its ability to safeguard and manage effectively and efficiently public funds (including government and internally generated income) entrusted to it. Central to this goal is a sound structure of financial management and control to maintain both integrity and confidence.

     The Accounting Unit is responsible for the following: money out, money in, payroll preparation, reporting and financial controls. Money out – making payments to various suppliers and payroll preparation to make sure that everyone gets paid. Money in – processing incoming payments, Reporting – preparing financial reports, remittances and reconciliation which are submitted to various agencies such as COA, BIR, GSIS, SSS, PhilHealth, BTr, DBM and GAS. Financial Controls – making sure that all transactions are pre-audited to avoid errors and frauds.

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The basic requirements applicable to all types of disbursements made by the national government agencies are as follows:

The following are the Reports Regularly Submitted to COA

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