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Human Resource Management Unit

“Nurturing potential, fostering growth — in the realm of Human Resource Management, our commitment is not just to manage resources but to empower individuals, cultivate excellence, and shape a workforce that propels our shared success.”

The Human Resource Management Unit prides itself on its significant growth and progression over the years. This evolution reflected changes in organizational structures and workforce dynamics. Since its conception, the unit started as the Human Resource to Human Resource Development Unit and is currently the Human Resource Management Unit. The office has been under the management of esteemed and multi-faceted leaders: Mr. Esteban A. Sanchez, Ms. Dulce A. Caga-anan, Mr. Mark Lemuel L. Garcia, Ms. Rosanna S. Generato, Ms. Rea Rita R. Muegue, DM., Mr. Janne Claudian C. Salvana, DM., and Ms. Xyle Fe A. Verbal, Ph.D., respectively.

The unit is pivotal in developing and implementing programs relative to recruitment, selection, and placement and all personnel actions following the constitutional provision of the CSC, pertinent laws, rules, and regulations. With its conferment of the PRIME-HRM Bronze Award, the unit reaffirmed its commitment to excellence in its four pillars: Learning and Development, Rewards and Recognition, Performance Management, and Replacement, Selection, and Placement. Bukidnon State University as it endeavors to include mental health initiatives in its four-fold functions. 


The Human Resource Management Unit provides assistance in developing and implementing programs relative to recruitment, selection and placement and takes all personnel actions in accordance with the constitutional provision of the CSC, pertinent laws, rules and regulations including policies, guidelines and standards that the CSC may establish and/or provide.


Spearhead the strategic development and seamless implementation of recruitment, selection, and placement programs to ensure the acquisition of top-tier talent aligned with organizational needs.

Integrate comprehensive learning and development initiatives into HR processes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and skill enhancement among our workforce.

Drive the establishment and adherence to robust performance management practices, aligning individual and team goals with organizational objectives to optimize overall effectiveness.

Innovate and implement rewards and recognition programs that motivate and celebrate employees’ contributions, ensuring a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

By incorporating these objectives into the HR Core Processes, our Human Resource Management Unit aims to holistically enhance the employee lifecycle, from attracting and onboarding top talent to nurturing their growth, evaluating performance, and recognizing achievements. These integrated efforts will contribute to the overall success and sustainability of our organization.

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Key Accomplishments

Other Highlights

Participation in Extension Projects

In response to our community’s needs, the HRMU participated in the Extension Project of the Chief Administrative Office – Administrative Division. The team visited two residences in the Malaybalay City last February 10, 2023, who were victims of human-made calamities. The team was able to bring sacks of rice, clothing, and grocery packs

Special BOR Meeting for the Approval of ROSSS Positions

Bukidnon State University had its Special Board of Regents Meeting held at the CHED Central Office, where 29 new ROSSS positions were officially approved. This brings our non-teaching plantilla positions to an impressive 92.59% filled. This achievement underscores our commitment to strengthening our administrative team, ensuring the efficient operation of BukSU, and providing the best possible educational experience for our students.

hrmu-special bor


Dr. Xyle Fe A. Verbal
Associate Professor V
Human Resource Management Director
Janne Claudian C. Salvana, DM
Human Resource Management Officer III
Salvie Anna Jennelyn A. Quijano
Human Resource Management Officer II
Roy T. Rambuyon
Human Resource Management Officer I
Vanessa Mabelle D. Sicalan
Administrative Assistant II
Agnes Myla A. Fuentenegra
Administrative Assistant II
Anna Lou E. Conol
Records Officer I
Gilbert S. Casinabe
Administrative Aide IV
Joseph L. Gelacio
Technical Writer
Delly Jane A. Ido
Administrative Aide III
Wilmer B. Garces
Administrative Aide III
Julito C. Paler
Administrative Aide III
John Paul J. Cabanting
Administrative Aide III
Soler B. Egama
Administrative Aide III
Noraine V. Cordova
Administrative Aide III

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