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Administrative Services

The term administration has been defined by the American Library Association (A.L.A.), as getting the job done. Organizing and managing are its two main divisions. This includes the functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling of human and other resources relative to library operations. This is termed as indirect service because the activities are not visible to the eyes of the people or personally in contact with the user. 

Selection and Acquisition Services

This is an indirect service performed by the Librarian, faculty and library committee. The selection of books, periodicals and other library materials should be relevant to the needs of the university. These services require constant and extensive reading, a background of knowledge in the literature, ideas, terminology and leading figures in many fields, familiarity with bibliographical and of all kinds and high degree of judgment. This is essentially the professional task of a librarian.

Technical Services

This is another indirect service of the University library. This includes two main processes: 1) the cataloging and classification; and 2) the mechanical preparation of materials. The professional duties connected with these activities require a high degree of technical knowledge and important personal qualification. The cataloging and classification of books and the assigning of subject to a book need intelligence and judgment on the part of the librarian. This is to facilitate the finding of books in the library and to put books systematically to be readily available to users.

Circulation Services

This refers to the services of the borrowing/lending and returning of materials for home, classroom and inside use. Other activities pertaining to circulation service include issuing, renewing and receiving of books, discharging, collating, sorting and filing, counting, recording of the “IN” and “OUT” of books and compiling statistics.

Reference Services

This is a direct service and personal aiding within the library to students in search for information for whatever purpose. This involves the reference questions and the interviews. The librarian gives assistance to users in terms of finding materials and information.

Internet Services

The internet service is facilitated by the University Library staff with the help of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) office staff giving it possible and immediate access to information. The internet is an access point to a wide range of national and world information.

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