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Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Unit

          The DRRM unit was installed as an office on August 2016. It is manned by a Coordinator who facilitates all the DRRM activity of the university, excluding the external and satellite campuses. The DRRM unit was appropriated budget for capacity development, logistics and office operations. Since 2016, the DRRM is located in the 2nd floor of the COE building, room E201, which is known also as the CDMU Office.

          With the increasing number of activities under DRRM, the unit has identified focal persons from the different building groups to assist in the implementation of drills, dissemination of information and identifying risks and hazard in their respective areas of responsibility. In addition, the group of student volunteers of CDMU were employed as responders to every emergency and DRRM concerns of the university. The volunteers were provided training for health care providers and were accredited in the ACDV program of Malaybalay City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

Units Mission
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BukSU DRRM Unit Initiatives
L.I.G.T.A.S. Ako Sa University Ko

This initiative serves as the pillars in implementing the DRRM activities of the university. L.I.G.T.A.S. means,

L – Layout the university’s DRRM Framework

I – Identify indigenous and cost efficient DRRM initiatives

G – Give priority to gender sensitive and climate change adaptive activities

T – Target vulnerabilities and hazards

A – Apply research-based DRR-CCA mitigation and preparedness

S – Support government programs on DRR and CCA

The DRRM Unit envisions to make BukSU a safe place for teaching and learning. 

Environmental Care & Protection

The volunteer students of the DRRM Unit are actively involved with the environmental care and protection initiatives of the local government and NGOs. Representing BukSU DRRM, the PMF NorMin A.R.R.T. volunteers take part in the tree-planting, tree-growing, forest fire protection, Sawaga river clean up drives and the national greening initiative like MindanaONE Treevolution and the NGP of the government.

BukSU R.E.A.D.Y.

This is a radio-based DRRM program, the first ever in the region, which is dedicated in providing science-based and experience-based DRRM activities by inviting experts and experienced safety practitioners in Malaybalay.

DRRM Unit Pool of volunteers (PMF Northern Mindanao Angel Rapid Response and DRRM Teams)

Under R.A. 10121 also known as the DRRM Law of 2010, Section 8, Article 3, government agencies are required to train volunteers to be mobilized for emergency response.


The formerly CDMU student volunteers, now named as Angel Rapid Response Team (A.R.R.T.) and the newly formed team of volunteers are composed of BukSU faculty and personnel (DRRM Team) are the active members of the BukSU DRRM unit’s primary response teams who are responsible of the emergency medical services and quick response of the university. The volunteers are all members of the Accredited Community Disaster Volunteers (ACDV) of the Malaybalay City DRRMO. The teams are all trained and certified Health Care providers by DOH RESDRU of Region X in Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Employ Incident Command System in drills and Planned Activities

With the training received from the Office of Civil Defense through the affiliation of BukSU in the City Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council, Bukidnon State University is utilizing the skills in managing drills and simulation using ICS procedures and mechanisms.

Logistic Efficiency for Emergency and Disaster Response

The DRRM Unit has acquired equipment and supplies through efficient utilization of its DRRM fund. The unit is equipped with the most advanced rescue equipment and enough supplies to respond to school-related emergencies and disasters. The volunteers received sponsorship on personal protective equipment from its local and international sponsors and partner humanitarian organizations. By 2019, the members of the DRRM Team and the student volunteers of PMF A.R.R.T. were trained, certified and accredited by the City Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office thru the ACDV program of R.A. 10121 and were certified as health care providers by the Department of Health Regional Epidemiology, Surveillance and Disaster Response Unit (DOH RESDRU) Region 10.

Community partnership and involvement

The volunteers of the DRRM Unit participate in the City and the Province’ DRRM activities to promote the culture of safety and preparedness. BukSU is an active partner of the City and the Province DRRM Councils in the planning, execution and evaluation of the DRRM activities. 

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