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Generally aims to increase people’s sensitivity to the implications of gender inequality and demanding that problems of gender discrimination be identified and overcome.

Capability Building

Concerned with addressing the academic, technical /vocational and professional skills and capabilities of students and employees to better address key gender issues.

Seminars/ Trainings:

Gender-Responsive Curricular Program (GRCP)

Refers to a curriculum that shall prevent all forms of gender-based discrimination in instruction, research, extension, as well as in marketing methods and the use of promotional materials. it ensures the promotion of ‘’women’s empowerment’’ to be undertaken through the ‘’provision, availability, and accessibility of opportunities, services, and observance of human rights which enable women to actively participate and contribute to the political, economic, social, and cultural development of the nation.’’ (CHED)

Gender-Responsive Research Program (GRRP)

Refers to a collaborative, purposive research activity or activities conducted by various members of HEIs to contribute to the empowerment of identified communities that they may eventually, by themselves, achieve gender-responsive development and inclusive growth.

It envisions a community of people possessing the core value of gender equality. GRRP is part of the GAD and Research program of HEIs that are intended to initiate, catalyze and sustain the development of various individual or communities using the institutions’ expertise and available resources. (CHED)

Gender-Responsive Extension Program (GREP)

Refers to a collaborative set activities designed by the HEIs to contributed to the empowerment of both the institution and identified communities to promote and achieve the core value of gender equality it involves the packaging, promotion, demonstration and application of appropriate technology, tools, processes and products generation from GAD research and other activities to create a gender-responsive organization, community and environment, as the case may be.

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