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Physical Plant & Maintenance Unit

Ms. Kristine Fivi O. Gewan
Unit Head
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The PPMU logo depicts the maintenance services: Air-condition, Building & Utility, Carpentry, Electrical, Solid Waste Disposal, Waterworks & Transport.

     The Physical Plant and Maintenance Unit or PPMU is responsible in maintaining a physical environment in which teaching, research, and service to the community can be achieved effectively and efficiently. PPMU provides primarily maintenance services in building and facilities in its three (3) subsections: Building and Maintenance, Technical Services, and Transport Services.

     Utility personnel keeps the buildings and facilities clean including hallways, landscapes, classrooms, function rooms and comfort rooms used by the students and the public/stakeholders. PPMU likewise provides services through booking or reservation of university facilities such as the auditorium, covert court, gymnasium, and quadrangles. Technical services personnel provide preventive and corrective maintenance services in buildings and facilities for air-condition, carpentry, electrical and waterworks. The personnel from the Solid Waste Disposal Section collects and disposes solid waste materials categorized as biodegradables, recyclables, hazardous, and residuals. PPMU also provides transport services in the Motorpool section serving official use of motor vehicles of the University such as official travels of BukSU employees and students.


To provide efficient, and environmentally sustainable operation in the maintenance services in buildings and facilities, technical services, and transport services.


A premier institution that leads in customer services for sustainable development.

Brief History

     The Office of PPMU was established in the 1990s as General Services whose primary function was to provide maintenance services in the school buildings and facilities. In early 2000, it was changed to Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services and in 2015, it was renamed as Physical Plant and Maintenance Unit or PPMU. The former heads were Mr. Lazaro Tilanduca, Jr., Mr. Albert Manuel, Sr., Engr. Rogerio M. Amba and Mr. Cesar Jamero. On January 2, 2020, Dr. Alfeo B. Tulang, a senior faculty member of the Mathematics Department, was designated as the PPMU Supervisor following the retirement of Mr. Jamero.

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