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Security Services Unit

The Bukidnon State University Security Services Unit is committed to provide proactive security services compliant with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. The unit seeks to maintain a safe and secure working environment for its personnel and students and provide the highest quality services for the utmost satisfaction of its valued customers.

Duties and Functions

  1. Enforce the Policies, Rules and Regulations of the University;
  2. Implement measures to protect the University personnel, students, properties and projects;
  3. Secures premises and personnel by patrolling campus perimeters;
  4. Guarding restricted areas against unlawful entry.
  5. Control the entrance and movements of pedestrians and vehicles.
  6. Preventing and investigating loss or damage of the University and personnel properties.
  7. Carrying out special assignments during periods of emergency.
  8. Regularly report to the University President the peace and order situation of the University; and
  9. Perform other related functions that maybe assigned by the Head of the Administrative Services and/or by the University President.
  • Campus Security Policies and Standard Operating Procedures
1. Control Measures
Various control measures shall be applied to persons including vehicles who have legitimate business or purpose with the university officials, students, installations/facilities and materials. The restriction shall be implemented through the use of PASS control system to person, vehicles, company products, materials and equipment.
1.1.1 Policy on Search of vehicles
Vehicles going inside the BukSU installation and premises are subject to search. It is conducted to ascertain the official purpose inside the campus. Authorized hired guards on duty must implement the following specific security measures/items stipulated below and ascertain that all procedures must be followed.
1. All vehicles in any kind entering regularly in the campus will be required to get VEHICLE GATE PASS STICKER from the office of the Chief Administrative Officer. These include vehicles of all former and current university officials, alumni, employees, faculty members, parents and students of legal age.
2. In the case of visiting private or public vehicles, the driver must present any valid ID to the guard on duty and carry a visitor’s ID upon entering. Security guard must register the name of the driver, plate number of the vehicle and the purpose of visit. Visitors’ ID issued by the guard will be returned upon leaving the campus.
3. No Driver’s license No entry policy will be imposed especially to our elementary pupils and high school students who are minors from Monday to Sunday. This is for their safety and showing obedience to the law of the land.
4. All motorcycles with modified mufflers that produce annoying sounds are not allowed to enter even with presence of gate pass.
5. Strict observance of proper parking policy of motorcycle and cars in designated areas inside the campus will be imposed.
6. Vehicle registration – BukSU vehicle trip must be recorded in registry logbook at all entry and exit points of the BukSU premises. A copy of trip ticket/travel order/permit shall be required when traveling outside Malaybalay City. This will serve as the only record of vehicle use and materials/supplies movements for security files and counter checking purposes. Moreover, entries/particulars of the delivery must also be entered in the logbook.
1. Incoming Supplies/materials
a. Request to present a delivery receipt (DR) from the source/origin/store as the legitimate requirement for entry and admission. Vehicle registration policy will be followed.
2. Outgoing supplies/materials
a. Materials/supplies brought from the BukSU premises must be checked against the accompanying documents such as gate pass/permit or transfer slip order issued by the office concerned must be properly observed.
1.2.1. Identification and control – A person or individual who wishes to enter into the BukSU premises must submit himself/herself to search before the authorized hired security guard. He/she must show of proof of the legitimate purpose of coming to BukSU offices, premises, facilities before given a permission to enter. A stick and a metal detector can be used by authorized security guards for search.
1.2.2. Authority for access – The following documents can be used as proof of legitimate visit of business;
A. BukSU issued ID card – for BukSU employees and personnel, faculty members and students;
B. Visitor’s company issued ID, legal documents – for visitors
C. Proper and descent attire upon entering the BUKSU premises, offices shall be observed. Thus, wearing of shorts and sando shall not be allowed to enter the school premises during class days and office hours except during legitimate school activities with permission from the authorities.
1.2.3. Application of the policy on access to person – Authorized hired guard on duty shall see to it that only those person(s) who have secured BukSU permit/pass/ID are allowed to enter inside the campus during classes and office hours, including weekends. Thus, the following specific standard operation and policies must be implemented:
A. On strict implementation of NO ID NO ENTRY policy
1. All employees, students in all levels are required to wear/present school ID upon entering the school campus.
2. Parents of the Kindergarten and elementary pupils regularly fetch their little children daily shall only identify themselves before the guard and be allowed to enter to fetch their children.
3. Visitors will present/deposit valid ID upon entering and shall wear visitor’s ID during transaction. Guards on duty will logbook the name, address, time, office destination and purpose and notify the office concern before allowing the visitors to get inside. NO vendors allowed inside the campus.
B. On strict implementation on CURFEW HOURS policy
1. No students will stay inside the campus beyond 9:30 in the evening for college students and 6:30 pm for basic education students (JHS/SHS) except when attending official school evening activities.
2. No person(s) will be allowed to get inside the campus beyond 10:00pm including students staying at the BukSU dormitories. School officials and graduate students (DepEd Fellows) entering the campus beyond 10:00pm shall be recorded in the logbook for reference purposes.
3. No group study/research work will be allowed beyond this curfew hour. For case to case basis, students who would like to do group study and research work must present a permit from the office of the OSS/student discipline indicating the purpose and duration.
4. Members of the performing arts group shall also present a note from their respective group director to stay overnight inside the campus stating the purpose.
C. On strict implementation of WEEKEND SCHEDULES policy
1. Any College Faculty members who have Saturday/Sunday classes and those who would like to recite make up classes/ laboratory works/ researches during weekends shall inform the guard on duty for the said purpose so that students will be allowed to enter. Except for graduate and law school classes.
2. All activities conducted inside the school premises shall be required to present permit to use, approved letter request.
D. On strict observance of the proper use of school Facilities
1. No person(s) will be authorized to use any school facilities like covered court, gymnasium, quadrangle, classrooms, and other facilities any time without permit from the university officials, faculty members and teachers.
2. Roving guards will ask any permit, letters duly signed and approved by the university officials before permitted to utilize the said school facilities.
E. On the conduct of school activities/programs/seminars inside the school campus
1. All organizers/ sponsoring groups of all school activities, programs, seminars, trainings and sports related activities conducted inside the school campus whether in school days or in weekends shall furnish a copy of approved letter request to the guard for proper information dissemination. Participants of the aforementioned activities might be denied for entry in the school premises if there is no proper information from the organizers or administration.
F. For Elementary, Secondary and Senior high school students
1. All Elementary, Secondary and Senior high School students shall present a gate pass slip to the guard on duty when going out of the school campus during class hours (from 7:30am to 11:45am and 1:00pm to 4:00pm) for security reason.
2. Staying/playing at the back of the gymnasium during class hours is prohibited.
3. Playing in the gymnasium/covered court during class hours and noon break will not be allowed except during PE classes.
4. Wearing of complete school/PE uniform and school ID shall be observed.
2.1. DO NOT LEAVE any valuable things anywhere. Consider that STEALING can occur anytime when opportunities are at hand. In case of lost of any item, the guard is not liable to any untoward stealing incident occurred in unattended items.
2.2. For head of office and staff, laboratory in-charge always checks that the doors of your office are securely locked, and electronic gadgets are turned off or unplugged when you leave.
2.3. Personnel in-charge of school facilities like gymnasium, Auditorium, Covered court, buildings, sound system and the like must place all equipment, gadgets in secure area before leaving. The guard on duty will not be held liable for any losses beyond his sight.
2.4. All visitors are required to get and wear VISITOR’S ID from the guard prior to visiting any of the offices, office staff may ask for the ID and record the name of the visitors in the visitors’ logbook for security reasons.
2.5. Report immediately any suspicious identities or personalities including vendors present in the school vicinity to guard on duty for immediate action.
3. Additional roles/duties and functions of the duly hired Security Guard
3.1. All duly hired security guards must show utmost courtesy and respect to all individuals at all times;
3.2. Must remain unruffled even under pressure. Stay calm at all times at all conditions;
3.3. Shall not involve in any illegal transactions and  act within the whole duration of the contract;
3.4. Roving guards during ocular inspection in the area must put off all the lights when not in use. Street lights must be put off at 5:30 am and be open at 6:00pm;
3.5. Guards shall extend any form of assistance to elderly and other persons/students in need provided that post will not be abandoned;
3.6. Shall help maintain cleanliness in the campus by calling the attention of all persons doing littering inside the campus;
3.7. Shall submit weekly incident/accomplishment report to the supervisor.
3.8.   Shall act promptly during emergency situations;
3.9. Shall assist pupils/students in crossing the highway when necessary; and
3.10. Do other functions as deemed very necessary.
In case of doubt, the guard on duty may call/ask advice from the office of the VPAPD, Chief administrative officer or from the university security guard supervisor for legitimate action.
4. The Eleven General Orders of the guard on duty:
All hired security guards must adhere to the following general orders for proper execution of roles/duties and functions during official duty.
4.1. To take Charge of my post and all government property in view.
4.2. To walk my post in military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within the sight of hearing.
4.3. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
4.4. To quit my post only when properly relieve.
4.5. To receive, obey and pass on the head guard who relieves me, all orders from the commanding officer of the day and non-commissioned officer of the guard only.
4.6. To report all calls from post more distance from the guardhouse than my own.
4.7. To talk to no one except in line of duty.
4.8. To give alarm in case of fire and disorder.
4.9. To call to the head of the guard in any case not covered by inspection.
4.10. To salute all officers and all colors and standard not case.
4.11. To be especially watchful at night and during day time for challenge, and to challenge.
Campus Security Parking Plan
Organizational Structure
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