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BukSU Nurse Board Exams Topnotcher: “Hard work is still the most important strategy”

Dr. Oscar B. Cabanelez congratulates Mr. Manlangit during the courtesy call on December 13, 2021. Photo by Art Vincent L. Panares

MALAYBALAY CITY (OP-IPS/13 December 2021) From singing in the restaurant to topping the Nurse Licensure Examination—a childhood dream came true!

Mr. Christ Jan D. Manlangit said of all strategies hard work was the most important ticket for the November 2021 Nursing Licensure Examinations (NLE) where 6, 086 passed out of the 11, 828 examinees throughout the country.

In BukSU, 17 out of 18 examinees passed the board, including Manlangit who ranked eighth with an 87.00 board rating, giving the university a 94.44 passing percentage.

His achievement is proof that intelligence without hard work is not enough to pass the test, he said.

For him, there is no formula in acing an exam; it all boils down to one’s perseverance and determination.

“No matter how intelligent you are, no matter how equipped you are, if you do not work hard for it, then you will not achieve the success you’re aiming for,” he added in an OP-IPS interview after he paid a courtesy call before BukSU President Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez on December 13, 2021. Dr. Cabañelez personally extended his congratulations to Manlangit and to College of Nursing Dean, Dr. Carina Joane V. Barroso. 

He said one of the things he did as a student was to find out his weaknesses and strengths so that he can manage it. Just like ordinary students, Mr. Manlangit also discovered some of his weaknesses in schooling. Answering multiple choice type of exams, the one used in NLE, was one of those weaknesses.

As eager as he can be, he plotted a lot of things to turn his weaknesses into strengths. He has shared his plans of actions before taking the test and one of them was reading different books. He said this helped him build a strategy on how to pass the exam. He was convinced that through hard work, he was able to learn a lot of lessons as he went through his education. 

Mr. Manlangit is the second child from four siblings. His family lives in Barangay 9, Malaybalay City.

Unlike other students who were able to focus solely on studying, Mr. Manlangit had to work as a performer. He studies during the day and sings in a restaurant for three hours at night.

Time management was one of his other hurdles. He cited that hard work has helped him manage his academic responsibilities and partake in different social engagements. He also cited having a good support system, his family and friends, who have helped him express himself and somehow detoxify the stress brought by his situation.

Mr. Manlangit did not really expect to land on the Top 10 but he had so much hope in his heart. He was motivated by his desire to help his family and fulfill his childhood dreams.

“I think I made my family very proud because this is not just my success but theirs as well,” he added.

Because of this feat, the university has invited him to work as a lecturer in the BukSU Review Center. He said he accepted the invitation along with other things he opted to pursue in life. For one, his passion to impart his knowledge to students also drives him to teach in their college. He also looks forward to working in a hospital for clinical experience. 

Whatever endeavor one decides to choose, he said, hard work still remains the best strategy to use.

“With (it) you will be able to learn a lot of lessons… You really need to work hard and be strong as well,” he added. (Diana Rose B. Lagoy/OP IPS)

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