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IMD Coordinators hold virtual competency training

Screenshot during the first day of online in-service training (INSET) for BukSU's instructional materials coordinators.
Screenshot during the first day of the online in-service training.

MALAYBALAY CITY (OP-IPS) The instructional materials coordinators of the different programs and departments of the main and satellite campuses convened in an online in-service training (INSET) to enhance their skills in the IM development process on May 19 to 20, 2021.
Because of the transition to the flexible learning different modalities, instructional materials produced for the first two semesters have increased so are the issues related to them. For this reason, CITL conducted the INSET for the IMD coordinators as they are responsible for the facilitation and monitoring of the IM development in their respective programs/departments.
The two-day training traced the IMD process from its conceptualization, construction, review, printing, and copyright requirements. Ms. Lora E. Añar, faculty development and support coordinator, described the various instructional design models; and Ms. Cecille Marie T. Improgo, instructional development coordinator, discussed in detail the rest of the process.
Mr. Rhondell M. Paraiso, an educational technology expert, shared theories and principles on designing IMs in print and digital formats.
Mr. John Dale S. Belderol, technology integration coordinator, walked the participants through in some of the myriad accessible digital tools, both for online and offline platforms, that could be used in the learning modules and course files.
One participant reflected, “flexibility and willingness to adapt to changes are the key to successful development of IMs. Flexibility in terms of the needed skills in this process since developing IMs doesn’t only need the content knowledge of the developer, but it also requires other relevant skills such as designing and laying-out.”
Another participant observed, “constructive alignment in the development of the instructional material/s is very essential. It is also very important to focus on the IM design model to properly guide the content developer all throughout the IM development journey.”
The participants’ evaluations on the INSET proved the event’s relevance.
Bukidnon State University faculty can access the INSET presentations and recordings at (John Dale S. Belderol/CITL)

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