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Staff & Personnel

PPMO Personnel
Mr. Silverio A. Montales, Jr.
Supply Officer III
Engr. Amber A. Paguray
Faculty Associate
Ms. Marjorie L. Buna
Procurement Monitoring In-charge
BAC Secretariat Section
Mr. Leonard D. Danao
Head, BAC Secretariat
Mr. Davekeemark Daming
Procurement Assistant (Satellite Campuses)
Mr. Bryan Carl C. Garcia
Procurement Specialist – Legal
Ms. Eureka Aira M. Jumawid
Procurement Assistant - Goods and Services
Mr. Jaddy G. Lonte
Canvasser for Infrastructure, Goods and Services
Mr. Ranreve E. Meliston
Canvasser for Infrastructure, Goods and Services
Ms. Beulah Leah L. Pailagao
Canvasser for ICT Equipment and Catering Services
Mr. James M. Repita
Procurement Assistant (Infra)
Ms. Carren F. Rodriguez
Bid Documents In-charge
Ms. Sniffy L. Timones
Contracts & Resolutions In-charge
Receiving and Issuance of Supplies Section
Ms. Wilma G. Ibanez
Head, Receiving and Issuance of Supplies Section
Mr. Eric I. Gultiano
RFI, PAR, Stock Card In-charge & Issuance Assistant
Ms. April Gay B. Lolor
RFI and ICS In-charge
Mr. Francis Ian O. Lumbab
RFI, Receiving & Issuance Assistant
Mr. Mark Anthony L. Momo
RIS, Receiving & Issuance Assistant
Property Management Section
Mr. Emmanuel Jesus T. Barroso
Head, Property Management Section
Mr. Erwin Javier
Unserviceable Property In-charge
Mr. Jose Brian L. Romo
Property & Stock Ledger In-charge
Ms. Jullianne Faye B. Valledor
Property Records In-charge
Ms. Nova Lisa M. Victoria
Property Transfer Report & Property Gate Pass In-charge
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