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Brief History of the Office

In 1970-1971, the fields of specialization in Bukidnon State University were Administration and Supervision, Guidance and Supervision, Guidance and Counseling, Health Education, Social Studies, Child Study, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

When college courses were offered, Guidance and Counseling was among the required subjects in the curriculum, particularly in the College of Education. The guidance services then were limited to counseling the students in the classrooms by their homeroom advisers. In1970s, a Guidance Office was created for the purpose of counseling with Dr. Jaime M. Gellor who was appointed as a Child Study Researcher.

After Dr. Intong’s retirement, the student services was placed under the first Dean of Student Affairs (DSA), Dr. Menilo L. Pechora. The Guidance Center was under the DSA with Dr. Miguela A. Okit as the Guidance Counselor. When the Dean of Student Affairs was appointed as the Vice President for Administration, Planning and Development (VPAPD), Dr. Miguela A. Okit took the Student Affairs Office. The Guidance Services was still under the DSA.

In the late 1980’s, Dr. Teresita T. Tumapon was appointed as President of the College.  During her term, Prof. Eppie C. Ubaldo became the Director of Guidance and the designated college guidance counselors were Prof. Pacita G. Cagulada, Prof. Emerenciana M. Macabata, and Rosalina O. Olmilla. The designated counselors for the Secondary and Elementary were Mrs. Josephine I. Eugenio and Prof. Clemencia D. Romo. When Prof. Ubaldo retired from work, Prof. Macabata became the designated Director of Guidance.  In 2000, Prof. Agustina R. Dacudag took the Directorship of Guidance upon the retirement of Prof. Macabata.

The College obtained the university status with RA 9456 converting BSC to BSU, signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2007. With Dr. Victor M. Barroso the University President, Prof. Agustina R. Dacudag continued to serve as the Head of the Guidance Center. When Prof. Dacudag retired in 2010, Dr. Helen M. Escudero took over her position. In succeeding years, Mrs. Josephine I. Eugenio, Mrs. Rosalina O. Olmilla, Mrs. Mariza P. Manlagaylay, Mrs. Rosalie R. Maguale and Mrs. Lora E. Añar werethe designated Guidance Counselors in the respective colleges namely: College of Community Extension and Industrial Technology (CCEIT), College of Arts and Sciences, College of Teacher Education, and College of Nursing which was originally under the College of Arts & Sciences in 2005.

At present, under the new Administration of the University President Dr. Oscar B. Cabaňelez, the Head of the Guidance Center is Dr. Mariza P. Manlagaylay, RGC. The guidance counselors of the different colleges are: Dr. Xyle Fe A. Verbal (CAS), Ms. Evangeline C. Digamon, RGC, Ms. Herlene T. Labininay (COE), Ms. Juicy Messhalyn C. Coralat (COB), Ms. Gloria S. Tuban (COA) and Ms. Jennylyn B. Casiño (CON & COT). The Guidance Center seeks to provide the best guidance program and services for the students’ wellbeing.
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