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Frequently Asked Questions

The University Guidance Center provides services for all the students of BukSU. It provides assistance in terms of academic, personal and psychological concerns.

The services that the UGC offers the following services:

  • Counseling Services: Counseling is considered as the core of guidance services. It aims to assist the students in their emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and cognitive needs.
    During this time of pandemic the University Guidance Center offers online counselling so that the guidance counselors can reach out to students easier and use the online platform to cater their personal issues, problems and concerns.

  • Career and Job Placement Services: It is a support service of the University Guidance Center, it aims to address the pre-employment and employment needs of the graduating students and alumnae. The UGC schedules an annual Job Fair. Various agencies and company are invited to take part of the school’s on-campus recruitment program.  The UGC offers career seminars and orientation that cater the needs of the students. 

  • Testing Services: The student’s individual strength and weaknesses in the area of personality, IQ and aptitude are assessed through the use of standardized tests. This is handled by the psychometricians. The center provides; Psychological testing for students and testing of faculty and staff applicants.
  • Exit Interview: The graduating students are given an opportunity to discuss their future plans, career choices and various options for employment.


You can visit the University Guidance Center located at the College of Arts and Sciences building or you can message us through our Facebook page Buksu – University Guidance Center.

Yes, we made sure that we can provide our services to all our students especially during this pandemic. Our Facebook page is active and you can message us anytime.

FB page:

Anyone who is currently enrolled in Bukidnon State University.

The services are available from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • All the services are free for undergraduate students. However, testing fee is required for other students, such as in the Graduate Program and the College of Law
  • For Graduate Studies (LAW, PhD and Masters): 475.00php
  • For Applicants: Non-teaching: 100.00php; Teaching: 475.00php
  • You can pay through the Cashier, just present the payment slip from the University Guidance Center.

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