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Satellite Campuses gear up on Data Mining Workshop

MALAYBALAY CITY Satellite campuses geared up on Data Mining Workshop during the Research Capability Training for the faculty in three batches of schedules.

The Office of the Vice President for Extension, Research, and Innovations headed by Dr. Lesley C. Lubos, Research Director, in coordination with the Office of the Director for Satellite Campuses headed by Dr. Albert A. Villanca, facilitated the research capability training for the satellite campus faculty.

The Training Workshop on Data Mining was held in three batches to cater the number of participants. The South Cluster satellite campuses took place in Maramag, Bukidnon on February 20-22, 2023; the Central Cluster on March 1-3, 2023, and the North Cluster at the BukSU Hotel in Casisang, Malaybalay City on March 8-10, 2023.

The seminar workshop’s objectives were to highlight, examine, and discuss the state of data mining applications today, as well as to assess the worth of discovered patterns for adaptation and personalization. Also, it will make some encouraging suggestions for new study possibilities.

Dr. Joy M. Mirasol, the Lead Research Trainer, discussed basics of exploratory data analysis and data mining.

“The beauty of research rest with how well the researcher can find theories to test in the literature,” she said.

She also shared that data mining began to be developed in BukSU thirteen years ago, and as a result, is currently being made available to all.

“Business, government, education, society, and the average citizen can all profit greatly from data mining. Data mining is a method of finding various patterns,” she added.

Dr. Ann Shiela C. Del Rosario, Executive Asst. to the Vice President for Administration and Finance, talked about cluster analysis; Ms. Lora E. Añar, Faculty Development and Instructional Support, CITL, discussed on principal components analysis and factor analysis; Mr. Derren Gaylo, College of Education faculty and the Head of the Center for Educational Analytics, discussed on discriminant analysis; Dr. Marlon Frias, University Statistician, spoke on logistic regression; Dr. Omar A. Tantoy, Assistant to the Research Director, talked about scientific writing for a publishable paper; Ms. Joanne Vivien B. Necosia, Assistant to the University President, discussed on selecting data for data mining; and Dr. Helen P. Garcia, University Press Head, spoke on exploring data.

The participants were able to apply what they had learned through their data mining output using the expert research trainer’s advice and suggestions.

In February 27-28, 2023, the satellite campuses also attended a two-day training workshop on Recalibrating Syllabus and Assessment tools to Hybrid Flexible (Hyflex) Learning Modalities.

The University’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL), headed by the CITL Director Dr. Rizza R. Consad and Dr. Elle Christine D. Melendez facilitated the said activity. The activity aims to align the instructional materials to the current learning modality implemented by the University. (Ms. Shella Amor C. Monsanto/ODSC)

SEMINAR-WORKSHOP ON DATA MINING for Satellite Campuses ( Central Cluster) March 1-3, 2023 BuKSU Hotel Malaybalay City , Bukidnon
SEMINAR-WORKSHOP ON DATA MINING for Satellite Campuses ( NORTH Cluster) March 8-10, 2023 BuKSU Hotel Malaybalay City , Bukidnon
SEMINAR-WORKSHOP ON DATA MINING for Satellite Campuses ( SOUTH Cluster) February 20-22, 2023 Margaret Hotel Maramag , Bukidnon (PHOTO CREDIT : BukSU Research Unit FB Page)
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