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Inspirational speaker Mr. Joseph Noel A. Titar speaks before faculty and non-teaching staff of Bukidnon State University on July 6, 2018. Christopher P. Cordova/IPS

Inspirational speaker Mr. Joseph Noel A. Titar speaks before faculty and non-teaching staff of Bukidnon State University on July 6, 2018. Christopher P. Cordova/IPS

MALAYBALAY CITY (IPS) ʺIt was revitalizing. It was like feeding the heart. This is what we needed all this time, ʺ said Dr. Hazel Jean M. Abejeula, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, after a day of session with resource speaker Mr. Joseph Noel A. Titar on June 4-5, 2018.

Dr. Abejuela, along with the deans of other colleges and a total of 247 faculty members of the BukSU main campus attended the first batch of participants for the seminar on Shared Leadership. Titar heads Prism Continuing Education and Leadership Consulting Services. He is also an alumnus of the Secondary School Laboratory of the university.

Mr. Titar gave an enlightening input on holistic, ethical and results-driven leadership for the academic unit of the university. His inputs were received by most participants as very inspirational, according to a report from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA).

The OVPAA and the Council of Deans sponsored the activity as part of the celebration of the 11th University Foundation and 94th Founding Anniversary of BukSU.

ʺI learned countless lessons and refreshed life principles that could help guide in transforming little children to become big in the future, ʺ said Mr. Mario Gemota of the BukSU Elementary Laboratory School Laboratory faculty.

Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez, BukSU president, said in his opening remarks that it was a dream come true for the university to finally have Mr. Titar, renowned inspirational speaker and formerly from the Department of Education (DepEd) community.

One of the administration’s thrusts is to encourage professional growth and improve productivity in the workplace among the faculty and non-teaching personnel.

The seminar workshop also sparked motivations among the non-teaching personnel of the university.

Ms. Jacky Jean B. Conlayan, a member of the staff of the Office of the Chief Adminstrative Officer said she picked valuable inspirations from their part of the workshop.

Conlayan joined the 352-member second batch of the participants, mostly from the main campus and the teaching and non-teaching personnel from the satellite campuses on July 6 to 7, 2018.

She recalled one striking input after a video clip was shown from the movie Ice Age.

The speaker, she said, likened the employees to the squirrel who fervently pursued his nut all throughout the film. The job in the university is worth pursuing. She said she learned that each squirrel keeps his nut as a means of survival, which other squirrels can unearth later.

She said it was impressed on her that no matter how small her task is, she has to do it well and on time because it affects how others will accomplish theirs.

ʺOur part of the team is to do our share of the work, our different tasks are interconnected. So it is also important to establish good relations among ourselves, ʺ she said in an interview.

Ms. Apple Mae Arcadio, another CAO staff said the seminar workshop motivated her to strive hard to do her work well so as to set as an example for others.

During his talk on the different temperaments, Mr. Titar emphasized the importance of understanding and accepting each other’s differences. He added that successful schools are characterized by teachers who enjoy working with each other.

He also highlighted Andy Hargreaves’ idea that “teachers, by the nature of their job, are leaders themselves.” Thus, it is important that they teach by example. Quoting Munby and Sergiovanni, he also stressed that teaching is not just producing a great product; “It’s about changing and transforming the lives of the young children and their families.”

Throughout the four sessions, the venue was filled with fun and laughter because of the lively, self-renewing and inspiring delivery of the speaker’s talks.

Many participants shared that so far it was one of “the best seminars they have ever attended!”

ʺThank you for helping us remember our ideals. We used to have this fervor to make a difference that has been placed in our mental shelves. Today you helped us bring our ideals back to our hearts,ʺ said Dr. Rizza R. Consad, department chair of the CAS-Language and Letters department during the presentation of impressions. (Walter I. Balane and Ms. Katherine B. Akut, Faculty Associate to the VPAA/IPS).