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BukSU officials highlight accomplishments under Cabañelez leadership

MALAYBALAY CITY – Bukidnon State University officials highlighted their accomplishments for the year 2015-2022 under the leadership of Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez during the OfficialS Consolidated Accomplishment Report coined as “OSCAR” event on September 6, 2022.

The said occasion is to acknowledge and celebrate Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez’ legacy by presenting the achievements of the different units in the university under his presidency.

In connection to this, the university three vice-presidents and top officials have prepared a video presentation of their consolidated accomplishment reports which was presented during the OSCAR event held at the mini theater.

During the program, the three VPs also expressed their gratitude to Dr. Cabañelez.

Mr. Dante S. Victoria, Jr., Vice-President for Administration, Planning, and Development said that Sir Oscar’s presence has inspired them to be highly motivated and urged them to do better in work for all the stakeholders.

“Your accomplishments are not unknown. Each person in this theater is well-aware of the handwork you have put up to reach where you presently stand. Thank you for being such an encouraging figure,” he said in his welcome remarks.

Some of the major accomplishments of OVPAPD presented during the event is the growing infrastructure development in the main, annex, and satellite campuses, revised organizational structure, three properties namely: Casisang Annex A, B, and BukSU hotel, BukSU’s PBB eligibility for the past six years, establishment of Strategic Performance Management System, maintained the SUC Level 3 in SUC Levelling Assessment, ISO 2008 and 2015 certifications, and various individual and organizational awards from other agencies.

Dr. Joy M. Mirasol, Vice-President for Research, Extension, and Innovations, also said that Sir Oscar has teared them through victories and led them through challenging times and instilled them the desire to be better for the coming years.

“For the past eight years, BukSU has significantly grown as a higher education institution. We have made significant strides in our development as a state university because our president has imbibed in us a sense of excellence and commitment as a workforce for the Philippine Higher Education,” she said.

Some of the major accomplishments of OVPREI as presented during the event includes research publications from 2018-2021, research presentations, utilizations, and collaborations, PHREB Level I Accredited Research Committee, the establishment of research and university statistical center, innovation awards and recognition, and sustainable extension programs.

“Research and Development flourished under the Cabañelez administration. This is the legacy of Sir Oscar’s leadership—planting the seeds for BukSU to one day become a premier research university,” she added.

Dr. Hazel Jean M. Abejuela, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, also described Dr. Oscar’s leadership as “agile and resilient.” She said that Sir Oscar has transcended educational changes and challenges especially during the pandemic.

Some of the major accomplishments of OVPAA cited by Dr. Abejuela include the 100% undergraduate programs and 55% graduate programs issuance of Certificate of Program Compliance granted by the Commission of Higher Education, two centers of development in English and teacher education programs, 100% accreditation of all undergraduate programs and 78% for graduate programs, mainstreamed international and local advocacies, academic contingency planning and flexible learning system, establishment of learning facilities, and the exemplary performance of both faculty and students through the support of Dr. Cabañelez.

“For all our accomplishments for eight years, we attribute these to the effective and empowering leadership of Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez…truly you are an excellent embodiment of innovative and ethical leadership,” she added.

After the video presentation of all the consolidated accomplishment reports, Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez, responded by saying that all the accomplishments of the different units are Bukidnon State University Community’s accomplishments.

“That’s the result of the cooperative effort of everybody. The President and Vice-Presidents cannot do it alone, except if everybody works…and all of those because we care for each other, we share, and we participate in all our activities,” he said. (Diana Rose B. Lagoy/OP-IPS)

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