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Supreme Student Council

The Supreme Student Council (SSC) is supervised by the Office of the Student Services (OSS) and is the highest governing, law-making and implementing body of the student government. It is composed of the Executive and Legislative Departments. It acts as the conduit for the endeavors between the entire University Student Government (USG) and the university administration. It exercises the supervisory power over the Student Body Organizations (SBOs) in the six (6) colleges and all recognized tertiary clubs and organizations within Bukidnon State University. Furthermore, it may coordinate with Matigda as the official yearbook publication and Collegianer as the official student publication.

It has the authority to spearhead a general assembly for the students at least once (1) every academic year for further betterment of the USG. It also has the authority to create programs and activities for student development.


Haven of competent students and promising student leaders.


Bukidnon State Universityโ€”Supreme Student Council is an organization that provides goal-oriented activities to develop solidarity with the administration and among students who are disciplined and actively involved in working hand in hand with committed student leaders.

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