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Processes And Procedures

Facilitate production of content (news stories, scripts, photos, and videos) for use in multi-media platforms of the university mainly for editorial and institutional aspect.

The contents shall be used in the BukSU Official Website (, Official newsletter, the Sayuda, Official Social Media Account, BukSU Bukidnon State University and other official platforms.

The unit facilitates the Content Review Process in the production of content for public use.

Facilitate the production of the BukSU Annual Report in coordination with the Offices of the Vice Presidents.

The Production of the Annual Report is anchored on the Universityโ€™s Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2017-2022 and is produced in coordination with the Offices of the three Vice Presidents and the University Planning Office.

Facilitate the production through secretariat services for the broadcast of the weekly BukSU Updates

The BukSU Updates is the official radio program of the university to air updates and other information about the achievements and processes of the university.

The BukSU Updates provide a venue for the different administrative and academic units of the university to communicate their updates and processes to the BukSU community and the general public. The program will also have a segment on updates from the students.ย 

Facilitate and serve as Secretariat of the Technical Working Group on Public Affairs and Information Services

The TWG was created to promote coordination and collaboration among units and personnel of the university tasked to do work for public affairs and information services. The unit organizes the Quarterly Meeting of the TWG.ย  The unit also monitors the implementation of the member offices/personnelโ€™ action plans and reports on progress to the TWG Chair and the University President.

Conduct capability building initiatives to enable BukSU stakeholders to contribute to and Sayuda publications among other information products.

OP-IPS provides capacity-building opportunities for the universityโ€™s personnel to be able to contribute to the knowledge and information products it produces.ย 

The OP-IPS has already organized:

In-House Documentation and Reporting Write-shops
Photo Documentation Workshop

It also is scheduled to organize a Photo/Video Documentation and Equipment Maintenance Workshop in relation to its plan to organize the BukSU Camera Club.ย 

Formulate policies for public information and social media use and facilitate implementation on the same in coordination with other offices.

The unit has spearheaded the formulation of the BukSU Social Media Use policy and is facilitating its revue and implementation in relation to other offices.ย 

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