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A parent raises a point during the College of Nursing (CON) stakeholders' meeting on June 8, 2018. CON photo

Mrs. Amelita Pablero,  parent of a Level 2 Bachelor of Science in Nursing student, raises a point during the College of Nursing (CON) stakeholders’ meeting on June 8, 2018. CON photo

MALAYBALAY CITY (July 13) The College of Nursing (CON) of Bukidnon State University has engaged its stakeholders, mostly parents, as partners in the education journey of their sons and daughters in the university, Dr. Carina Joane V. Barroso, college dean, said.

About 200 representatives from parents, students and faculty members attended the first parents-stakeholders’ orientation held at the university’s Audio Visual Center on June 8, 2018.

Dr. Barroso cited in her welcome remarks the importance of the stakeholders in the performance of the college. She said, for the first time, the college has managed to gather the parents of their 240 students this semester.

“We have gained their understanding and earned their partnership in this endeavor,” she added in an IPS interview.

She said there is a need to communicate the academic policies of the college, extension duties, affiliation, related learning experience (RLE) fees and the recommended books and other paraphernalia. The coverage of the Free Education Act or Republic Act 10931 was also tackled during the meeting.

Dr. Barroso stressed that in order for the nursing student to be retained in the college, he/she must comply with the academic standards set for it.

To progress through the BSN program, she said, all nursing students must maintain a minimum General Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 in all academic subjects with no failing grades.

Students will be considered “on probationary” status if they incurred the following conditions: failing grade but has maintained the prescribed GPA,  reached the prescribed GPA of 2.75 but with commendable attitude in school and clinical areas, reached prescribed GPA but committed misdemeanor and with disciplinary action sanctioned by the college grievance committee and has maintained the prescribed GPA but has accumulated extension duty of 20% of the total RLE hours.

On probationary students are required to pass a signed waiver duly witnessed by the level coordinator and a parent or guardian stipulating the retention policies and consequences. The probationary status of a student will be lifted if the student has reached the required GPA and passed the other retention conditions.

A student may be advised to shift if he or she is on probationary status for two successive semesters or with three accumulated probationary status, if he/she has reached a GPA of 3.0 and if he/she has failed more than two  subjects.

Students are expected to comply with university and college policies and pertinent laws.

“Students are expected to show appropriate and highly accepted behavior as a nurse,” she added.

Dr. Barroso said they were able to clarify another key question raised during the forum – the exclusion of some fees like the RLE and affiliation among free miscellaneous. She said they echoed Commission on Higher Education (CHED) statements that it was excluded to ensure fairness among other students who are not taking medical related subjects.

The meeting lasted for four hours. Dr. Violeta B. Juan, one of the level coordinators, thanked the parents in her closing remarks. She expressed hope that parents will be able to understand the course work of the students and provide them full support from then on.

All colleges are mandated to inform and consult stakeholders in major aspects of their operation to ensure their highest satisfaction, as provided in the university’s quality policy. (Information and Publication Service with  a report from Ms. Aubrey S. Sudaria-Edio, RN MAN)