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FULL TEXT: Message to the BukSU Academic Community – Dr. Oscar B. Cabańelez, University President  (20 March 2020)

Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez, president of Bukidnon State University. File photo by Christopher Cordova
Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez, president of Bukidnon State University. File photo by Christopher Cordova
Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez, president of Bukidnon State University. File photo by Christopher Cordova

MALAYBALAY CITY (OP-IPS) Maayong adlaw kanatong tanan. Good day. Maayad Aldaw inyo mga suled! Especially to the members of the Bukidnon State University Academic Community in the main campus and the rest of our 16 satellite campuses in Northern Mindanao.

I hope as you receive this message, you are in good shape in your homes with family and loved ones.

We have suspended classes in all levels and work is now done by skeletal force. Most of the personnel are doing work from home.

Those who may need something from us may do so using contact details we posted in our website. We have to do this until the situation has improved.  This will improve.

We are hoping and praying to God Almighty, that we will soon overcome this pandemic. Let us seek His love and protection.  Let us continue to ask for His mercy and provisions as we all face this difficult situation.

Aside from prayers, we hope that everyone will cooperate with the instructions of the Department of Health and other government authorities to refrain from moving around. Stay Home. Pagpuyo lang usa –pagpabilin sa tagsa-tagsa ka panimalay.

Also, continue practicing hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, social distancing, disinfection and other measures to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19.

In case you feel sick and manifest the common symptoms of coronavirus, please do not hesitate to contact ASAP the barangay health workers or other authorities in your area so that you will receive the right medical attention.

Let us be responsible for ourselves and the rest of the nation. If we cooperate, we can build strength so that we can collectively protect ourselves from this disease.

In your homes, from where you are, we hope you will not allow this situation to hamper growth as individuals.

For students, we encourage you to spend time wisely. Do homework, review lessons and read in advance based on available resources.

We hope you also spend your home stay by learning new skills from family members – observing social distance.

We also encourage our faculty and non-teaching personnel to stay tuned with university advisories. Please keep the balance of being at pace with your work from home and family time.

Let us always remember, safety first.

For the BukSU academic community, to report your concern for the situation of colleagues or classmates, please contact your supervisors or instructors and the BukSU COVID-19 Secretariat via and the BukSU COVID-19 Hotline: 09564074455.

Please share information and resources that help us fight COVID-19 and refrain from spreading wrong and unreliable information that may endanger the lives of more people.

On behalf of the Bukidnon State University administration, we would like to extend our warm greetings of support for everyone’s safety and protection.  Let us continue to pray for one another, follow authorities and choose the safe actions. God will prevail. Daghang salamat, Maayong adlaw kanatong tanan. May God bless us all. (OP-Information and Publication Service)

(Transcript of video message, the audio clip of which was aired on DXBU 104.5FM)

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