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Mini Theater

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195 Seaters
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Operating Hours

BukSU Mini Theater is a 195-seater cinema-type audio-visual facility equipped with digital light and audio controller, 8×12 LED Wall, spotlight, fog machine, and musical instruments. This new facility will be used as venue for International Fora/Conferences, recognitions, commencement exercises and other significant events of the University.

4 & 5 Floor, Finance Building

Fully Airconditioned
4 5TR Airconditioning Units
LED Wall
8 x 12 Meters LED Wall (Aeroled LED P3.9)
Digital Sound
Digital Surround System
Digital Lights
Digital Lights Controller (ChamSys MagicQ PC Will Compact)
Follow Spot Light
Halo 300W LED
Lectern with Mic
2 Units Superlux PRA518AM Gooseneck Microphone
Fog Machine
FZ 3.0 Fazer NOVA Corp Porter Fazer
WiFi Access
BukSU WiFi & DICT WiFi4All
Musical Instruments
- Drum Set โ€“ Pearl Decade USA (1 set โ€“ 6 ply maple shells; High Gloss Matte Lacquer Finish; NDL Lugs; 1.2mm steel triple flanged hoops; Optiloc Suspension System; 14x5.5 Snare Drum)
- Bass Amplifier (Marshall MG102 CFX)
- Electric Guitar Amplifier (AMPEQ BA-11v2)
- Instrument Microphones (DMK 57-52, DMK 57-52)
- Monitor Speakers (KRK ROK IT6)
Visitors Lounge
Soundproof Hall
Comfort Rooms
1 Male and 1 Female
Capacity (10 persons)
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