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University Officials

Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez
University President
Dr. Hazel Jean M. Abejuala
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Concurrent Program Coordinator in M.A. in English Language/M.A. in English Language Teaching/Ph.D in English Language
Mr. Dante S. Victoria, Jr
Vice President for Administration, Planning and Development
Dr. Joy M. Mirasol
Vice President for Research, Extension and Innovation
Dr. Maribel G. Valdez
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Nestor Y Cipriano
Dean, College of Business
Concurrent Chairperson, Accountancy Program and Deputy QMR- Internal Quality Audit
Dr. Lalevie C. Lubos
College of Administration
Dr. Carina Joane V. Barroso
College of Nursing
Ms. Marilou O. Espina
Dean, College of Technologies
Concurrent Program Coordinator, Entertainment and Multimedia Computing
Dr. Mercidita S. Villamayor
Dean, College of Education
Concurrent Program Coordinator, ISD Ph.D.
Atty. Sherrymae O. Velos-Decang
College of Law
Dr. Lorenzo B. Dinlayan III
Dean, Student Services
Concurrent Program Coordinator, DPA Program and Deputy QMR - Feedback Management
Dr. Lincoln V. Tan
Associate Dean, College of Education
Concurrent Program Coordinator, MA in Education major in Education Administration; Coordinator for Research-based Folkloric Dance Troupe
Atty. Gerardo J. Murillo
Associate Dean, College of Law
Concurrent Legal Counsel
Dr. Lesley C. Lubos
Research Unit
Dr. Jiemalyn B. Paulican
Extension Unit
Concurrent Chairperson, Community Development
Laurelee B. Cabacungan
International Affairs
Dr. Albert A. Villanca
Satellite Campuses
Dr. Rodello D. Pepito
Sentro sa Wika at Kultura
Dr. Helen P. Garcia
Business Affairs Office
Concurrent Operations Manager, University Press
Dr. Lesley C. Lubos
Botanical Garden and Herbarium
Concurrent Head, University Tissue Culture Laboratory; Concurrent Program Coordinator, Ph.D. in Science Education major in Biology
Dr. Rizza R. Consad
Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
Ms. Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan
Bukidnon Studies Center
Dr. Ma. Teresa G. Salumintao
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
Ms. Psyche T. Malabo
Quality Assurance
Concurrent Coordinator for AACCUP
Dr. Jiemalyn B. Paulican
Community Development
Concurrent Director, Extension
Ms. Maria Efrelij J. Cuadra
Development Communication
Dr. Cleopas Bette R. Jacutin
Mr. Jan Daniel P. Ching
General Education
Dr. Salome L. Escalona
Language and Letters
Dr. Teresa I. Tacbobo
Ms. Marie Angelie C. Abendaño
Natural Sciences
Concurrent Program Coordinator, Environmental Science-Undergraduate
Mr. Christian J. Inovejas
Dr. Rotchell L. Amigo
Sociology and Social Sciences
Dr. Nestor Y. Cipriano
Dr. Donna G. Tilanduca
Business Administration
Ms. Annie Leah Roxann L. Emata
Hospitality Management
Dr. Elvira B. Sumbalan
Principal - Elementary School Laboratory
Concurrent Program Coordinator, Ph.D. in Educational Administration
Ms. Desiree A. Barroso
Principal - Secondary School Laboratory
Dr. Hannah T. Castillon
Early Childhood Education
Concurrent Supervisor, Student Teaching for Elementary
Ms. Ritchelee B. Alugar
Elementary Education
Dr. Regina B. Dumdumaya
Physical Education
Dr. Normie B. Micayabas
Science and Mathematics Education
Concurrent Program Coordinator, MA in Mathematics Education and Science Education
Dr. Manuel E. Caingcoy
Secondary Education
Ms. Ma. Algerica T. Cuenco
Mr. Rene C. Chavez
Automotive Technology
Engr. Manuel Chad G. Agurob
Electronics Technology
Ms. Genessa Jesy T. Pagote
Food Technology
Ms. Ma Jennifer P. Timbal
Information Technology
Ms. Almiranor S. Seiz
Government Affairs
Ms. Rosanna S. Generato
Chief Administrative Officer
Administrative Services
Mrs. Wilma L. Gregory
Chief Administrative Officer
Finance Services
Dr. Rea Rita R. Muegue
Supervising Administrative Officer
Human Resource Development Unit
Mr. Brian Thomas D. Taga
Registrar IV
University Registrar
Mrs. Katherine Lou P. Bandas
Accountant III
FMO - Accounting Office
Dr. Amber A. Paguray
Planning Officer
Planning Office
Mrs. Chandrani Yves E. Estrada
University Library
Mrs. Eunice E. Meliston
FMO - Cashiering Office
Ms. Kristine Fivi O. Gewan
Physical Plant and Maintenance Unit
Mr. Donald P. Donasco
IT Officer
Concurrent Supervisor, Security Services
Mr. Silverio A. Montales Jr.
Supply and Property Management Office
Ms. Mary Celine L. Alsola
Budget Officer III
FMO - Budget Office
Engr. Welditito A. Quilang
Building and Estates Unit
Dr. Marichu B. Montecillo
GAD Focal Person
Gender and Development Unit
Engr. Manuel Chad G. Agurob
Operations Manager
DXBU 104.5 Station
Engr. Jason A. Un
Energy Efficiency and University Pollution Officer
Ms. Isa Pab Geen P. Gue
Manager, Economic Enterprise Unit
Concurrent Dormitory In-charge
Mr. Walter I. Balane
Focal Person
Information and Publication Service
Dr. Xyle Fe A. Verbal
Head, Admission and Testing
Concurrent Guidance Counselor for College of Arts and Sciences
Ms. Mariza T. Manlagaylay, RGC
Head, Guidance and Counselling
Concurrent Guidance Counselor for the College of Law
Dr. Marlon S. Frias
University Statistical Center
Leonard D. Danao
Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat
Ms. Juditha G. Pagaran
Focal Person
Commission on Audit
Ms. Erlita L. Bahian
Balai Ha BukSU
Mr. Brian M. Wenceslao
Internal Audit Services
Dr. Estela C. Itaas
Graduate Studies
Ms. Psyche T. Malabo
Quality Assurance (AACCUP)
Dr. Jesus B. Juevesano
Quality Assurance (ISO)
Dr. Iris April L. Ramirez
Quality Assurance (PQA/ISA)
Mr. John Dale S. Belderol
Technology Integration, CITL
Mrs. Lora E. Añar, RGC
Faculty Development and Instructional Support, CITL
Ms. Cecille T. Improgo
Instructional Design and Development
Mr. Albert A. Celebran
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