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BukSU College Admission Test (BukSU-CAT) Frequently Asked Questions

A.Y. 2021-2022

Answer: The validity of your results is only 1 year from the date of your examination.

Answer: BukSU-College Admission Test is conducted annually. This happens nearing the end of the 2nd Semester of the current school year.

Answer: College Admission Tests are offered for free in Bukidnon State University.  However, for those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree (second course takers), they need to pay 300 Php for the Admission Test.   They are not qualified to avail of the benefits of the Free Higher Education as well.



For Senior High School Graduates:

  1. 2pcs 2x2 ID Picture (white background)
  2. Certified Copy of Report Card/Certification as part of the graduating class (Photocopy)
  3. Photocopy Birth Certificate (NSO or Provincial)

For Transferees/second-course takers:

  1. 2 pcs 2x2 ID Picture (white background) 2pcs
  2. Honorable Dismissal and Transcript of Records

*Note for second-course takers:

Prepare ₱ 300.00 to be paid to BukSU Cashier on or before your scheduled examination date.


Answer:  Using the e-mail address you provided in the form, e-mail clear

pictures of your requirements to to secure a     test permit.  One e-mail address per student.

Check the BukSU Admission and Testing Office Facebook page ( for more details and    instructions.

Answer: Make sure to remember the password of the e-mail address you used and wait for further instructions in your e-mail.

Answer: Passing rate for Non-Board Courses is 40% or 44/110. For Board Courses (Nursing, Programs under Education, and Accountancy) is 50% or 54/110.

Answer: Yes.  BukSU still accepts second course takers, transferees, ALS graduates (eligible for college), returnees, and lifelong learners (High school graduates under the old curriculum before the K to 12 reform was implemented).

Answer:  Your report of rating will also be sent via the e-mail you have provided in your online application.

Answer: Make a new active e-mail address.  Send a message to the BukSU-ATO Facebook page indicating your full name, concern and new active e-mail address.

Answer: Visit or  Follow instructions and submit requirements.  Prepare for college.

Answer: No.  Your test result is valid for one year.  You may apply to take the Admission test or transfer next year.

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