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The College of Law Today

The College of Law at present is composed of a diverse and dedicated group of people with three full-time faculty and 14 part-time faculty. The faculty have graduated from various prestigious universities like Xavier University, the Lyceum of the Philippines, the University of the Philippines, San Beda University, the University of San Carlos, the New York University, and the University de Alcala in Madrid, Spain.

The current roster also includes judges, prosecutors, and experts working in the public and private sectors. These are the ones who have honed their skills in real-life scenarios and have at least taught for 10 years in their respective niche.
Pursuant to LEB Memorandum Order No. 19 Series of 2018, BukSU now offers the Juris Doctor Non-Thesis program.

Awards and Achievements

For the past 18 years, BukSU College of Law has proven to be a prominent institution in the legal field. It has produced seventy-four (74) lawyers who are now occupying positions of leadership in public service, while others are working as private practitioners, legal officers for corporations and financial institutions, as well as law professors and entrepreneurs.

The College has also consistently performed well in the annual Bar exams. It has produced six (6) new lawyers for 2019 Bar exam. According to the statistical data from the Supreme Court of the Philippines Office of the Bar Confidant, LEB ranked the BukSU COL as 32nd among 130 law schools in the Philippines last 2018 Bar Exam, number two (2) among Mindanao SUCs, and is third in rank in all law schools in Mindanao.

One of the great catalysts for the achievement is the Bar Operations Committee, which conducts activities in support of law graduates every bar weekend at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. Another game-changer is the diligence of the BukSU COL law professors who regularly conduct legal monitoring and coaching to law students.

The College continues to strive to be the best at nurturing aspiring lawyers as they aim to produce an ethical, leader-lawyers for the country.

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