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Name Position Department

Atty. Gerardo J. Murillo

Dean, College of Law

Dr. Adelda A. Cunanan

Extension Director

Dr. Bernarda C. Lleno


Dr. Beulah Rose R. Torres

Associate Dean

Dr. Beverly B. Bicar

Research Director

Dr. Carina Joane V. Barroso

Dean, College of Nursing

Dr. Demetria May T. Saniel

Dean, College of Business
(*Concurrent University Quality Management Representative and MBM Program Coordinator)

Dr. Elle Christine D. Melendez

Faculty Associate to VPAPD ,

Dr. Elvira B. Sumbalan

Principal, Elementary School Laboratory
(*Concurrent Ed.Ad. Program Coordinator)

Dr. Estela C. Itaas

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Hazel Jean M. Abejuela

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
(*Concurrent Program Coordinator in M.A. in English Language/ M.A. in English Language Teaching/ Ph.D in English Language)

Dr. Helen M. Escudero

Mahogany Dormitory Supervisor

Dr. Joy M. Mirasol

Vice President for Research, Extension, and International Affairs

Dr. Lalevie C. Lubos

Dean, Student Services

Dr. Lincoln V. Tan

Associate Dean, College of Education
(*Concurrent Supervisor, Student Teaching - Elementary)

Dr. Lorenzo B. Dinlayan III

Chairperson, Government Affairs
(*Concurrent MPA & DPA Program Coordinator)

Dr. Lynette A. Ejem

Chairperson, Natural Sciences

Dr. Maribel G. Valdez

Dean, College of Social Development and Technology

Dr. Marilyn T. Rubio

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Dr. Mercidita S. Villamayor

Dean, College of Education
(*Concurrent Ph. D. ISD Program Coordinator)