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The International Affairs Unit (IAU) is an office under the Vice President for Research, Extension, and International Affairs. It is supported by the Advisory Council for International Affairs Directors who work closely with their respective college deans. The IAU also works with the Dean of Students Services, Alumni Coordinators and the Research, IMDC, and Extension Directors.

Duties and Functions

The IAU is mandated to lead the university in addressing the call for the internationalization of higher education institution. It is the frontline office responsible for the planning of the Internationalization Agenda and monitoring of its implementation. Among others, the Unit promotes the Internationalization of the Curriculum and aims to strengthen the university’s international engagements in instruction, research, extension, and production. In support of the University’s vision and mission, the IAU shall:

  1. lead the university in developing, updating, and monitoring of the implementation of BukSU’s internationalization agenda;
  2. strengthen home-based and cross-border internationalization programs through international accreditation and partnerships with foreign universities, individuals, organizations;
  3. assist the academic, research, extension, and student services in implementing its internationalization activities;
  4. promote the university’s reputation and visibility abroad

In alignment of the IA Unit’s functions, the International Affairs Director shall:

  1. facilitate the crafting, updating and monitoring of the institution’s internationalization strategic agenda or action plan;
  2. promote academic, research, and community extension collaboration with foreign universities, individuals, or internationally-affiliated organizations;
  3. work closely with the different offices and units in the university to ensure the implementation of the internationalization action plan or agenda;
  4. receive and disseminate information related to internationalization activities;
  5. coordinate with the different programs in CHED, Department of Foreign Affairs, foreign embassies, and university that are going to be conducted with international partners;
  6. manage or support programs and activities to promote the university’s reputation and visibility abroad.

Melendez Elle

Dr. Elle Christine D. Melendez
BukSU International Affairs Director
International Affairs Unit
Bukidnon State University
Malaybalay City
Tel. No. +63 813 5661 loc 107
e-mail address: ia @buksu.edu.ph
facebook account: BUKSU IA

International Affairs Coordinator


  • Work closely with the chairpersons and the deans on the internationalization initiatives, needs, activities, and concerns of the programs and colleges.
  • Assist in the crafting of the internationalization agenda and monitor its implementation;
  • Report the internationalization-related accomplishments of their respective colleges;
  • Participate in IA meetings and activities.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Chart IAU2

International Memberships and Existing MOU and MOA


  1. Member – Passage to Asean
  2. AUAP Member
  3. Conference Partnership Agreement with Hanns Seidel Foundation
  4. MOA on K-Food Online Course and Internship
  5. MOA with Wattananusas School, Thailand
  6. Finacing Agreement with Deutsche Gesellschaft Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH or GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation)
  7. MoU and Academic Collaboration with Daegu Health College, Daegu, South Korea
  8. Agreement on Academic Cooperation with Zhengzhou University, China
  9. MoU and Acdemic Collaboration with Naresuan University, Thailand
  10. MoU with California Baptist University, USA
  11. MoU with Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  12. MoU and Academic Collaboration with with SIAS International University, China
  13. MoU with Northern Illinois University
  14. MOA with ANUBANBANBUNG School, Thailand
  15. MoU with Watboonyrasri Thumrurat Upathum
  16. MOA with Watboonyrasri Thumrurat Upathum


The International Affairs Unit offers the following services:

  1. Language and Culture Orientation
  2. Student Services Support
  3. Visa/Travel Abroad Assistance
  4. Internationalization of the Curriculum Support
  5. International Linkages & Scholarships
  6. Reputation and Visibility
  7. International Accreditation

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