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DEAN: Dr. Maribel G. Valdez


The Graduate School started to offer graduate courses in 1960, with Master of Arts in Education under the Bukidnon Vocational Normal School. The same graduate program was offered as weekend classes in Kibawe, Impasug-ong, Gingoog, Valencia, Cagayan de Oro, Camigun and Iligan City during the school year 1966- 67.

BSC main campus of Bukidnon Normal School offered graduate courses in Administration and Supervision, School Health Education and Social Studies. Guidance and Counseling was added as one of the major graduate programs in 1971, while Master in Public Administration (MPA) was introduced in 1973.

The first Master of Arts graduate of this college finished in 1974 with the degree MA in Education, major in Administration and Supervision.

The important school years to remember for the opening of the degree programs which are presently offered at BSU are: SY 1978-79 for MA in Educational Administration, and MA in Guidance and Counseling; SY 1980-81 for MPA; SY 1983-84 for MA in Mathematics Education/Teaching ; SY 1987-88 for MA in ELT; 1993-94 for MA in Science Education; and SY 1996-97 for a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Design.

The BSC-DepEd Scholarship Program which started in 1980 underscored BSU’s commitment to serve the teachers and administrators in the Mindanao region. The program for the Educational Administration usually has the largest number of students, however with the opening of the non-thesis program for the MPA in 2004, gave a shift in population in favor of the MPA.

This attraction provided avenues for BSU to establish linkages with the NGOs and LGUs of the region. The rest of the MA programs like English Language Teaching, Mathematics Education/Teaching, Educational Administration, Science Education and Guidance, continue to cater to clienteles in the academe.

The Seal


The  triangle  inside  the circle  indicates  the  three  junctions  of  scholastic-  the  high school,  college  and  (at  the  apex)  the  postgraduate.  The laurel leaves form a wreath of achievement and distinction attainable only in postgraduate studies. The open  book signifies that even at this  level,  education  is a continuing process  in which  values  and  knowledge attained are now internalized  and  lived out.  The lamp is the symbol of truth which is the ultimate goal of the school.



To support BSU in fulfilling its mission, the Graduate School provides opportunities for scholarly achievement and increased competence in education and government.  These are achieved   through advanced programs of   study, instruction, research,   extension   and production that contribute to the  preservation,  promotion  and advancement  of  knowledge which are relevant to the changing conditions i n Northern Mindanao and the country.


1. Quality and Excellence

Assisting the student to acquire an understanding of salient concepts, issues and practices involved i n the educational management and administration to improve and to hone his skills as an administrator appropriate to his different roles in education and hone his continuous quest for quality and relevant education (MA-EdAd).

Developing a high degree of professionalism among public officials and employees (PubAd).

Providing    language  teachers with  skills  in developing  communicative  competence in their  learners   through  a  knowledge  of  theories,  methods  and  approaches  of  language acquisition and language teaching and in evaluating learning through  test competence (ELT).

Improving the competence of teachers in teaching science and mathematics in the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels (MathEd. & SciEd).

Assisting the student  to acquire  an in-depth  and  a broader  understanding of the  salient concepts,  principles,  methods,  techniques and process  in guidance and counseling, to become a functional guidance counselor (Guidance  & Counseling).

Exposing  the  students to  different  instructional   systems designs and  technology where they could   have  models  for  designing instruction, curriculum,  programs and  other  related activities  to improve  the quality of education in all levels (lSD).

Other Doctoral Programs newly offered:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration
  • Doctor in Education in Educational Leadership
  • Doctor  of Philosophy in Science Education major in Biology
  • Doctor  in Philosophy in Science  Education major in Mathematics
  • Doctor in Public  Administration

2.  Relevance & Responsiveness
2.1 Developing the needed   skills   that graduate students should   possess   such as the development of managerial skills, research and extension capabilities, development of desirable attitudes, moral character, critical  thinking, aesthetic and cultural  values (all programs as recommended by AACCUP Level II accreditation)

3. Access and Equity

3.1.  Providing access  and equity in terms of instruction, research,  extension and production  by enhancing the competencies of faculty  and students (all Programs, ref: CHED).

4. Efficiency and Effectiveness

4.1     Developing efficiency and effectiveness among faculty and students i n responding       to quality instruction, research, extension and production (all Programs, ref: CHED)



Please download the Graduate School Tracer Study Questionnaire. After accomplishing the questionnaire, you may email it to demimaytsaniel@yahoo.com. Thank you!