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To produce professionals for business and government imbued with high sense of personal integrity and equipped with technical and managerial skills for employment and self-employment, through programs responsive to the needs of the industry and local governance for local, regional, national and international development.


The College of Business seeks to produce socially aware and competent professionals in the fields of Accountancy, Business Administration, Hospitality and Public Governance, for careers in Accounting, Finance, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Public Service. It is essential that students develop and maintain an attitude of learning to learn, to maintain their competence as professionals.

Guided by the BukSU core values, the COB aims to provide an education that strongly develops individuals who manifest adherence to high business moral standards and commitment to community development. The task of producing socially responsible and competent business professionals and entrepreneurs is contingent on its four departments: Accountancy Department, Business Administration - Financial Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Public Governance.


■ Bachelor of Public Administration
■ Bachelor Science in Accountancy
■ Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
■ Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management
■ Doctor of Public Administration
■ Master of Public Administration
Master of Management major in Business Management


DEAN: Dr. Nestor Y. Cipriano

Business Administration Mrs. Ma. Teresa G. Salumintao
Accountancy Dr. Nestor Y. Cipriano
Hospitality Management Mrs. Annie Leah Roxann L. Emata
MM-BM Program Coordinator Ms. Donna G. Tilanduca

COB LOGO - 240x240

The two human figures at the bottom of the seal signify the many diverse relationships that are always in nature in the world of business and commerce - the employer and the employee, the producer and the user, the seller and the buyer, the contractor and the lessor, the labor and the management, the public servant and the public. It is the world that the College of Business, formerly the College of Business Administration, Accountancy, Hospitality and Public Governance prepares its graduates to find their niche in a practical world that depends on systems, routines and people.

The circle above the human figures represents the flywheel of trade and business that the graduates of the College are to help rotate, engendering economics, progress, and prosperity. The circling motion represented by the flywheel connotes the eternal and lasting quality of business and public institutions which persist in spite of revolutions, upheavals and radical reforms thus rendering a performance in the world of business, corporate, and public governance.

The lamp signifies the illumination that the education provides for the Filipino student to radiate a monochrome of life. The lamp burns the minds of the students in preparation for their entry into the world of their chosen profession. The blue circle indicates the name of the college emphasizing identity and ownership of the responsibility to deliver quality business and public governance education.

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