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Program Objectives

  • To provide theoretical knowledge in public administration including capability for challenging existing theories and practices for new and innovative solutions to governance and leadership.
  • To provide practical skills in public management and administration particularly in local governments with emphasis on critical thinking strategies for problem-solving and decision-making tasks; resolving organizational conflicts and challenges through on-the-job training and other experiential learning modes.
  • To develop and apply research and extension capabilities in projects and papers to address local and national governance thrusts.
  • To develop values and professionalism in their respective work places by instilling among the students accountability, desirable attitude, moral character and integrity in one’s work.
  • To develop the students’ communicative competence in public speaking to prepare them for performing professionally.

Program Outcomes

  • Adequate knowledge and understanding of fundamentals of the study and practice of Public Administration and good governance;
  • High appreciation for the imperatives and challenges of public service in the context of Philippine and global realities;
  • High ethical values for public service, adherence to the principles of accountability, responsiveness, nationalism and democracy;
  • Strong sense of duty to promote and protect public interest especially for the depressed and the marginalized communities;
  • Adequate skills in management including planning, implementation, monitoring and human, material and resource management for government and civil society organizations;
  • Adequate ability to engage in scientific and policy research and national decision-making.

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Department Chair

Dr. Dinlayan III, Lorenzo B.


Añasco, Loraine Mae A.
Barroso, Emmanuel Jesus T.
Caballero, Ana Ninfa B.
delos Santos, Sansehry B.
Ejem, Jolly Nelly A.
Fronda, Gina A.
Garcia, Beverly T.
Handugan, Ryan Chris C.
Intong, Jr., Rocco Pablito F.
Lubos, Lalevie C.
Paguray, Amber A.
Pasamonte, Rona Celeste V.
Seiz, Almiranor S.
Tuban, Gloria S.

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