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Program Objectives

1. To prepare students and EMC graduates to be:
  a. Game development professionals with specialized knowledge, competencies and values in designing, developing, and producing digital games and/or tools and in managing game development projects for various applications.
  b. Digital animation professionals who are equipped with both creative and technical knowledge,  skills, and values in conceptualizing, designing and producing animation products and solutions, and in managing such projects over different technology platforms.
2. To provide students with:
  a. Comprehensive and relevant training for personal growth and lifelong learning.
  b. Quality education necessary to become ethical professionals imbued with multi-cultural sensitivity and innovative leadership.
  c. Cognitive abilities and technical skills to become globally competitive professionals.
3. To inculcate students’ social, ethical and professional responsibility through active participation in community involvement and extension activities.
4. To enhance students’ technical and academic capabilities through research and development.

Program Outcomes

1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, physical sciences and computing sciences to the practice of being an entertainment and multimedia computing professional.
2. Apply knowledge in each applicable field and in current contemporary issues to provide solutions to actual problems.
3. Analyze project requirements needed to design and implement project prototypes.
4. Recognize, formulate, and solve computing problems, as well as design, build, improve, and deploy products that meets client needs within realistic constraints.
5. Use the appropriate techniques, skills and modern computing tools necessary for the practice of being a professional game developer or animator.
6. Work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams in Bukidnon context and communicate orally and in technical and logical writing with correct and advanced grammar using the English language. (Institution-Based)
7. Understand and assess local and global impacts of computing on society relevant to professional computing practice and subscription to accepted industry standards, as well as the effects and impact of entertainment and multimedia computing projects on nature and society, and of their social responsibilities as innovative and ethical leader. (Institution-Based)
8. Create or use modified artifacts in consideration of intellectual property rights of the author.
9. Engage in life-long learning and an acceptance of the need to keep current of the development in the field of entertainment and multimedia computing.
10. Demonstrate original creative and innovative outputs and manifest client-centric service.
11. Participate in various types of activities and public discourses particularly in response to the needs of Bukidnon, supporting local, regional, national, and ASEAN development plans. (Institution-Based)
12. Perform individual and group tasks related to entertainment and multimedia computing with integrity and a strong sense of moral and ethical principles.

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