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  1. Quality and Excellence
    • Provide broad and specialized student learning experiences in the language and letter; mathematic; natural sciences; social sciences; and information technology.
  2. Relevance and Responsiveness
    • Inculcate skills and values for students to become productive and functional members of the society.
  3. Access and Equity
    • Provide equal opportunities for the students in facilitating their holistic development for better life.
  4. Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Strengthen the academic, social, moral, spiritual, and emotional competencies of the students through quality instruction, research, extension and production.


  1. To provide the prospective professional a broad general education;
  2. To develop competence in the chosen field of specialization, whether this be in languages, mathematics, natural sciences or social sciences through quality instruction;
  3. To develop in the student the ability to think critically and to make judicious decisions necessary in his development as a productive and well-rounded citizen;
  4. To provide the student with appropriate learning experiences which will develop investigative mind and attitude;
  5. To provide opportunities for developing appreciation of human values and cultural heritage, making him more refined and humane person;
  6. To enhance the student’s abilities to conduct research; and
  7. To develop the social awareness of the student through active involvement in community extension services.


■ Bachelor of Arts in Economics
■ Bachelor of Arts in English
■ Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
■ Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
■ Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


DEAN: Dr. Zita I. Dales

Language & Letters Dr. Rizza R. Consad
Mathematics Dr. Teresa L. Tacbobo
Natural Sciences Dr. Lynnette A. Ejem
Economics Dr. Cleopas Bette R. Jacutin
Philosophy Mr. Christian J. Inovejas
General Education Mr. Jan Daniel P. Ching
Sociology and Social Science Mr. Retche P. Colegado
Information Technology Mrs. Marilou O. Espina


A tree is used to symbolize the College of Arts and Sciences. It is a symbol of life and a symbol of the beauty of life. From a tree, wisdom in the sciences come and from a tree the inspiration for grace, color, shape, movement, melody, peace and even the university of the arts.

The Filipino typography makes the point that all the colleges in the University; it is the Arts and Sciences that is in the position of promoting nationalism and patriotism.

Blue water symbolizes the constant and refreshing development of Filipino lifestyle and culture through the study of the arts and sciences.

The unbroken line used in delineating the tree shows the complementarily of the sciences and the arts in life of man. Though diverse as discipline, both complete the life of the person.

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