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Cunanan Adelda

Dr. Adelda A. Cunanan
Extension Director

Extension is one of the core functions of the University. This function makes Bukidnon State University respond effectively to social and economic needs and demands of individuals and society.


The university is mandated to promote extension services and community outreach programs guided by the philosophy that the academe has a social responsibility to contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities it serves in the fields of Education, Arts and Sciences,  Industrial and Business Information Technology.


BukSU empowers the depressed, deprived and under served communities by offering services in providing the needy the technical means and opportunities for the continuing education, livelihood programs, entrepreneurship and governance in the region not only in Bukidnon but in the whole island of Mindanao to support themselves toward a better quality of life.


Bukidnon State University Extension is sincere in its mission to help improve the quality of life of the depressed, deprived and under served communities in the university’s sphere of influence using an integrative and collaborative approaches to community development

The Extension Creed

Go to the people, Live with the people, Learn from them, Plan with them, Work with them, Start with what they know, Build on what they have
Teach by showing, earn by doing, Not by showcase but a pattern, Not odds and ends but a system, Not piecemeal but integrated approach, Not to confirm but to transform, Not relied but release.