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The Extension Unit (EU) is a showcase of the University’s thrust for functional and relevant projects, linkages and services which are implemented through continuing education, capacity development, entrepreneurship and governance.

As a service provider, the BukSU Extension Unit empowers people to improve their lives through continuing education and training, developing attitudes and skills, and providing knowledge transfer in promoting quality of life.

Extension Creed
Go to the people, live with the people
Learn from them, plan with them
Work with them, start with what they know
Build on what they have, teach by showing
Learn by doing, not by showcase but a pattern
Not odds and ends but a system, not piecemeal but integrated approach
Not to confirm but to transform, not relief but release.

Lubos Lesley

Dr. Lesley C. Lubos
BukSU Extension Director


The Bukidnon State University Extension Unit aims to effectively and efficiently deliver practical, relevant and responsive extension programs that shall have been adopted and utilized by the people in the community to enhance/improve their quality of life.


The Extension and Community Projects shall aim to accomplish the following specific objectives:
1. Sustain budget allocation annually for its extension and community services;
2. Enhance the extension and community services expertise and capabilities in the university;
3. Coordinate faculty in the implementation of their extension and community projects;
4. Foster partnerships among faculty of the university and other agencies;
5. Sponsor seminar-workshops, presentation and dissemination of extension and community service projects;
6. Initiate and find relevant extension and community service projects in line with the mission and goals of the university;
7. Document all extension and community service projects;
8. Link with some funding agencies in the local, regional, national and international levels;
9. Publish the finished extension and community service projects in the BukSU Journal of extension;
10. Showcase these projects with the presence of the clienteles from different community.
11. Enhance the promotion and transfer of technologies to the rural communities; and
12. Participate actively in the strengthening of the capability building of local government units and barangay officials in the province.

Extension Framework

The university has crafted and implemented its own institutional extension program entitled: Empowering the Communities Through Lifelong Learning: A Bukidnon State University Extension Program, of which four extension agenda and thrusts are identified, namely: 1) literacy projects; 2) environmental awareness and protection; 3) project wellness for health development; and (4) livelihood and technology.  Given these university agenda and thrusts, the respective colleges in the university identified their priority projects which are relevant but not limited to their respective curricula. The extension projects and activities are clustered into education and advocacy, culture and development, science and technology, and governance and management.
Extension FrameworkThe BukSU Extension Framework

Extension Thrusts

The University’s Extension thrusts are geared towards the upliftment of the quality of life and poverty alleviation in the region, in Mindanao, and the country as a whole, through a sustainable development approach. Subject to review, BukSU considers the following thrusts by colleges for establishing priorities in developing, processing and funding extension proposals.


Extension Programs/Projects Related to:

  • English in the Workplace (teachers, LGUs, Barangay Secretaries)
  • Literacy in Reading, numeracy, values education, computer, and environment
  • Literacy and other Alternative Learning system
  • Peace Education
  • Sports Education
  • Capacity building related to education
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Community-based Extension projects related to education
  • Advocacy and Capacity-building projects related to Socio-Economic-Political-
  • Cultural
  • Societal problems on violence, rape, drugs, incest, gays, etc.
  • Gender and Development Projects
  • Good Governance
  • Rural Community Development
  • Indigenous People’s Development
  • Peace and Development Projects
  • Women Empowerment and Filipino Values
  • Entrepreneurial-related Projects
  • Advocacy and Capacity Building, Math, Science and Technology-related projects
  • Mentoring and Tutorial Services
  • Other Related Projects/Programs
Environmental Awareness and Protection
  • Zero Waste Management
  • Clean and Green Project
  • Environmental Preservation and Protection
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Land Medicinal Plantation
  • Environment Education and Sustainability
  • Cleanliness and Beautification
  • Improvement of Crop Production
  • Other Related Projects/Programs
Wellness and Health Development
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Medical Health and Maternal Care
  • Other Related Projects/Programs
Livelihood and Technology
  • Urban Gardening (Square foot gardening)
  • Food Technology
  • Driving
  • Book Keeping (Basic)
  • Book Keeping (Advance)
  • Electrical
  • Advanced Computer Troubleshooting
  • Culinary
  • Baking
  • Entrepreneurial-related Projects

EU Personnel

The EU is under the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension and International Affairs (OVPREIA). It is headed by the Extension Director, designated by the University President by the authority of the Board of Regents. To coordinate college-wide and program-specific extension programs/projects, College Extension Coordinators are designated by the Dean of the College.

EU Personnel

Extension Projects / Programs
Empowering Communities through Livelihood and Technology towards Sustainable Development

This university-wide extension program is a systematic and flexible approach that integrates skills learning for gainful employment, self-actualization, and social participation in the community. Headed by Dr. Lesley Lubos and in coordination with all the colleges of the university, this livelihood training for poverty reduction is underscored by the provision of services to augment the technical skills necessary for decent and sustainable employment. It is composed of food-based and non-food based livelihood programs for the constituents of LGU-Lantapan, especially the Indigenous Peoples, Women, PWD, Out-of-School Youth and Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBRP) recovering clients. BukSU’s partners for this extension program are the following: LGU-Lantapan, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Bukidnon National High School, Unifrutti Foundation Inc., Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Venture Inc-1, Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Venture Inc-2, MADC, Cowboy Security Services Agency and BukSU Gender and Development Unit.Empowering Communities

Project Wellness for Third Agers

This program is an offshoot of the livelihood short term course of BukSU. Its primary objective is to provide sustainable livelihood training for poverty reduction in Lantapan, Bukidnon vis-a-vis skills training in advanced computer troubleshooting, food processing, driving, baking and pastries, bookkeeping, culinary, souvenir making, t-shirt printing, electrical installation, aircon repair, AutoCad, computer literacy, electronics repair and automotive. BukSU’s partners for this extension program are the following: Government Retirees Association of Bukidnon Inc. (GRABI), Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE), Bukidnon Federation of Senior Citizens Association (BuFSeCA), Malaybalay Federation of Senior Citizens Association (MaFSeCA), Barangay Nine Senior Citizens Association.Project Wellness

PAMB 001Strengthening Management of Mindanao Protected Area Management Board Network towards Biocultural Diversity Conservation and Sustainable DevelopmentPAMB 002

In May 2017, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources together with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH under the Conflict Sensitive Resource and Asset Management (COSERAM) project of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Bukidnon State University through the Bukidnon State University-Institute of Environmental Governance (BukSU-IEG) agreed to support the Mindanao Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) Network in their organizational development and capability development components. The 18-month Mindanao-wide research-based extension project sought to establish mechanisms to strengthen the functionality of the Mindanao PAMB Network. The extension program focused on the organizational and capability development of the Mindanao PAMB Network towards the inclusive and effective management of PAs in Mindanao. As part of the implementation of the project, the BukSU-IEG conducted a series of training workshops and coaching activities with protected area managers and practitioners from Mindanao Protected Areas. The BukSU-IEG also conducted a research cum extension on Governance Assessment on Protected Areas in Mindanao, specifically Mt. Balatukan Range Natural Park and Mt. Apo Natural Park.

To date, the Bukidnon State University-IEG is the new secretariat of Mindanao PAMB Network per request and Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region X. The Network is now officially a recognized network through a resolution signed by the Mindanao DENR Regional Directors. Regional and Provincial offices regularly allocate budget for the operation of PAMB Network.PAMB 003A

Through the sponsorship of GIZ, Bukidnon State University participated in the United Nations Biodiversity Conference with the theme, Investing in Biodiversity for People and Planet, at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The conference was participated by Dr. Joy M. Mirasol, Vice President for Research, Extension and International Affairs. Dr. Mirasol presented the university-wide research-based extension project funded by GIZ. PAMB 004

College Extension Programs/Projects
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Capability Development Activities For Extensionists
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