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The BukSU Library will be a primary partner in the development, provision and delivery of information resources and services.


The BukSU Library provides accessible information resources through updated collections and competent staff that are essential to instruction, research, extension and production.

Estrada Chandrani Yves



In pursuit of its mission, the Library will:

COLLABORATE with faculty in stimulating in students a lifelong interest in learning.

FACILITATE students, faculty, staff and researchers to find and develop effective use of the information resources they require for the creation and transmission of knowledge.

DEVELOP and RETAIN outstanding Library staff, equipping them with the skills and training they need to succeed in their work, and providing them with an attractive environment where good work is acknowledge and rewarded.

PROVIDE EXPERT ADVICE and access to, and work to ensure the continued existence of outstanding and comprehensive print, electronic, and other information resources for the students, faculty, and staff of today and tomorrow.

MAINTAIN and IMPROVE INFRASTRUCTURE including physical facilities and information technology which enhance learning and research.

COOPERATE with other educational institutions and the general community.


1. All users shall register in the Follett Destiny library automation system. Registration is done at the Internet section.
2. All users shall get a barcoded library card.
3. All users shall present their library card upon availing of the services of the library.
4. Students can borrow a maximum of 5 books a week.
5. Faculty and non-faculty can borrow a maximum of 10 books per semester. However, books in the Reserve Section with 1 copy shall be returned after a month to give chance to other users. Borrowed books may be recalled anytime when these are needed in the Library. The faculty and staff are required to return all borrowed books at the end of the semester.
6. All transactions, except inside reading and internet use, will be issued a receipt. Two receipts will be printed; one for the user and one for the staff which is signed by the user.
7. Users shall return the books on or before the due date to avoid fines. Fines imposed on overdue books are as follows:
a. Reserve, Reference, Periodical sections and Bukidnon Archive and Filipiniana Special Collection: Php. 5.00/hour
b. General Circulation and Filipiniana Section: Php. 8.00/day
8. Books in the General Circulation and Filipiniana sections can be borrowed within one week.
9. Reserve books will be available for inside reading and photocopy only.
10. Encyclopedias, magazines and other reference and periodical materials are for inside reading and photocopy only.
11. Thesis in the GS Library is for inside reading only. This is done to protect authors from intellectual property infringement.
12. Books in the Book Center can be rented for one whole semester. Students will pay 10% of the actual price of book (e.g. if the book cost P300.00, the student will only pay P30.00). Students shall return the book on or before the semester ends. Unreturned books will have a penalty of Php. 100.00.
13. Users are asked to leave their bags, except valuable things such as wallets, mobile phones, laptop, etc., at the baggage counter before entering the library. Unclaimed bags will be charged Php. 10.00. Lost claim tags will be charged Php. 10.00.
14. For inside reading and photocopy, users shall leave their library card to the section in-charge before getting the book.
15. Books and other library materials requested for photocopy outside the library are given 30 minutes to 1 hour time allotment only. Students who fail to return the materials at the given time will be fined.
16. Students with unreturned books and unsettled fines will be subject to suspension of library privileges.
17. Any lost or damaged book while in loan must be reported immediately to where it was charged out. The borrower is given one week to retrieve the book but fines continue until it is confirmed that the book is no where to be found. Lost books shall be replaced or paid in cash at their current prices plus Php. 55.00 processing fee. All payments shall be made at the Cashier’s Office. Official receipts must then be submitted to the librarian. Determination of the depreciation of the books will be done by the Supervisor of Libraries.
18. Students who bring books outside the library without checking-out are fined P50.00 for every offense.
19. Students who shall mutilate or steal any library material from the Library will be subject to disciplinary action at the Office of the Student Services (OSS). Repetition of such offense will result to suspension of library services.
20. Outsiders who wish to avail of library services of the University will be charged P50.00 per day. Considered outsiders are the following:
1. Our own graduates who are no longer enrolled in the institution.
2. Researchers from other offices.
3. Students from other schools.
However, faculty and students from member institutions of the Academic Libraries Information Network in Mindanao, Inc. (ALINET) will only pay P20.00 if they have a referral slip from their Head Librarian.
21. Users shall observe silence at all times when inside the library premise.


Administrative Services


The term administration has been defined by the American Library Association (A.L.A.), as getting the job done. Organizing and managing are its two main divisions. This includes the functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling of human and other resources relative to library operations. This is termed as indirect service because the activities are not visible to the eyes of the people or personally in contact with the user.

Selection & Acquisition Services


This is an indirect service performed by the Librarian, faculty and library committee. The selection of books, periodicals and other library materials should be relevant to the needs of the university. These services require constant and extensive reading, a background of knowledge in the literature, ideas, terminology and leading figures in many fields, familiarity with bibliographical and of all kinds and high degree of judgment. This is essentially the professional task of a librarian.

Technical Services


This is another indirect service of the University library. This includes two main processes: 1) the cataloging and classification; and 2) the mechanical preparation of materials. The professional duties connected with these activities require a high degree of technical knowledge and important personal qualification. The cataloging and classification of books and the assigning of subject to a book need intelligence and judgment on the part of the librarian. This is to facilitate the finding of books in the library and to put books systematically to be readily available to users.

Circulation Services


This refers to the services of the borrowing/lending and returning of materials for home, classroom and inside use. Other activities pertaining to circulation service include issuing, renewing and receiving of books, discharging, collating, sorting and filing, counting, recording of the “IN” and “OUT” of books and compiling statistics.


Reference Services


This is a direct service and personal aiding within the library to students in search for information for whatever purpose. This involves the reference questions and the interviews. The librarian gives assistance to users in terms of finding materials and information.


Internet Services


The internet service is facilitated by the University Library staff with the help of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) office staff giving it possible and immediate access to information. The internet is an access point to a wide range of national and world information.


Tablet Lending Services

Each tablet (Acer, Apple, Asus) will be loaded with applications that promote education and literacy, including our BukSU Library Follett Destiny Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) mobile application, Webster’s Dictionary, English Language Dictionary, and Flipboard magazine. The Tablet Lending Service is aligned with BukSU Library’s vision and mission.

Library users will be able to borrow these tablets from the Internet Section. Users can borrow for 2 hours, with up to 2 renewals in a day or a total of 6 hours straight.

Tablet Lending Agreement

General Guidelines

Below are the terms for borrowing a BukSU Library tablet.

• You are a bona fide student of BukSU, has registered in the OPAC and with a barcoded library card.
• You are responsible for the tablet and will pay for any damages if it’s lost or stolen.
• If the Tablet is not returned, your library privileges will be suspended and you will be charged a replacement fee correspondingly.
• The tablet has to be returned to the same location that you borrowed it from.
• The tablet has to be returned to a staff member.
• You will not use the tablet for illegal activities and will follow all library policies.
• You are not allowed to download applications (apps).
• Browsing YouTube videos is prohibited since it slows down our internet bandwidth.

Lending Policy

Eligibility: bona fine student, registered in the OPAC, with barcoded library card.
Loan Periods: 2 hours
Check-in: Tablet must be returned to the location from which it was borrowed and returned to a staff member
Borrowing Limit: 1 Per person
Renewals: 2
Lost/Replacement: If the Tablet is lost, library privileges will be suspended and a replacement fee will be charged.

Office Staff

Name Position Domain 
Chadrani Yves E. Estrada Supervisor University Library



The Science and Technology Information Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-STII) has developed a digital library that can permanently store information and materials and be updated regularly. Read more...

How to use Online Public Access Catagalog (OPAC)

What is OPAC?

  • An online public access catalog (often abbreviated as OPAC or simply library catalog) is an online database of materials held by a library or group of libraries. Users search a library catalog principally to locate books and other material available at a library.
  • The Library is using Follett Destiny Library Manager. DLM is an easy-to-use, web-based library automation and management solution that offers Integrated circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and library management to help the library work more efficiently.

For OPAC registration and access, please visit BukSU Library, 2nd Floor.

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