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DEAN: Dr. Carina Joane V. Barroso

The Seal

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The caduceus, surmounted by two wings and entwined with two snakes was carried by Heralds and Ambassadors as a badge of office and a mark of inviolability. It was adopted by the medical profession as a symbol of healing.

Nursing brings about a healing to patients not only through assisting doctors and administering medications but by giving total care to every patient. Every aspect, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or social, is considered in the process of healing. The caduceus, therefore, represents high standards of care and healing to every client.
The Nightingale’s lamp was a symbol of light in times of darkness, when death during the war was soaring at a very high rate and was inevitable. In the modern times, the lamp is a sign of hope in times of despair especially when a person is afflicted by a deliberating disease of hopelessness.

The red symbolizes the color of the blood which signifies life. Nursing is committed to caring towards the preservation of life. Red also symbolizes passion, a burning passion to care for others irregardless of age, sex, race and social status. It is a characteristic that the college aims to develop among the students.

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives


To be the premier institution of higher learning and quality nursing education.


To   develop   locally and   globally   competitive professional   nurses   imbued   with responsibility,   nationalism, creativity   and   a   critical    thinking generalist with   attitude, knowledge and skills in nursing.


To provide competency based community oriented curriculum and develop and develop a fully integrated person to perform functions of a professional nurse.

To cope and keep up with many revolutionary changes including the discoveries and complexity of nursing in the health care deli very system rendered to people.


The College of Nursing aims to:

  • Produce a competent, committed, caring and compassionate nurse ready to respond and address the felt need of the vulnerable segment of the community.
  • Instill nursing ethico-moral, social responsibilities and accountabilities, moral character and integrity in one’s work.
  • Provide baseline quality education through:adequate pre-professional  and cultural training
    • commitment rather by a consideration of economic gain
    • needed skills, partly native and partly acquired,  which the public does not possess
    • adequate upgraded training facilities and instructional  materials
    • development and strengthening work values and attitudes and inculcate ethico-legal, moral and spiritual values
    • best learning experiences to adjust to the complexities of interrelationship within its service.


Course Title Code Location

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BSN Main Campus