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DEAN: Dr. Hazel Jean M. Abejuela

Language & Letters Dr. Rizza R. Consad
Mathematics Dr. Teresa L. Tacbobo
Natural Sciences Dr. Lynnette A. Ejem
Social Sciences Mr. Ivan Heinrich A. Villanueva
Information Technology Mr. Sales G. Aribe, Jr.

The Seal


A tree is used to symbolize the College of Arts and Sciences. It is a symbol of life and a symbol of the beauty of life. From a tree, wisdom in the sciences come and from a tree the inspiration for grace, color, shape, movement, melody, peace and even the university of the arts.

The Filipino typography makes the point that all the colleges in the University; it is the Arts and Sciences that is in the position of promoting nationalism and patriotism.

Blue water symbolizes the constant and refreshing development of Filipino lifestyle and culture through the study of the arts and sciences.

The unbroken line used in delineating the tree shows the complementarily of the sciences and the arts in life of man. Though diverse as discipline, both complete the life of the person.


The major goal of the College of Arts and Sciences is two-fold:

1.)  To   provide training   for    students   who   seek   professions in  the Language and  Letters, mathematics, natural  sciences, and  social sciences; through quality instruction, research, community extension services and production.

2.) To provide a basic liberal arts training to students who seek professions in education and in business administration.

Quality and Excellence

Provide broad and specialized learning experiences to the students who seek proficiency in the language and letters, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences, which they could use in the profession of education and business administration

Relevance and Responsiveness

Develop and inculcate skills and values necessary tor the student to become a better and productive citizen

Access and Equity

Provide opportunities to deserving students in facilitating their holistic progress

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Strengthen the competencies of the students through research, production, and community extension services.



  1. To provide the prospective professional a broad general education;
  2. To develop his competence in his chosen  field  of specialization,  whether  this  be in the languages, mathematics, natural sciences or social sciences through  quality  instruction;
  3. To develop in the student the ability to think critically and to make judicious decisions necessary in his development as a productive and well-rounded citizen;
  4. To provide the student with appropriate learning experiences which will develop an investigative mind and attitude;
  5. To provide  him  opportunities  for  developing  his  appreciation  of  human   values  and cultural  heritage, making  him a more refined and humane  person;
  6. To enhance the student’s abilities to conduct research; and
  7. To develop the social awareness of the student through active involvement in community extension services.

Natural Sciences Department


  1. To develop among the students a creative mind and truly scientific attitude.
  2. To acquaint the students with new developments in science and technology.
  3. To upgrade the students’ content background in their areas of specialization.
  4. To develop the competencies they need in the performance of their roles as future community leaders.
  5. To instill in every student a sound philosophy of life and good personal values which is the root form which every objective derives its ultimate meaning?

Language and Letters Department


  1. To develop effective communicative skills that assist the student in coping with different situations especially in a multi-lingual setting.
  2. To develop  the  communicative competence  in  order  for  education  students  to  teach effectively subjects that uses the Filipino or English as medium of instruction;
  3. To develop the students appreciation of the moral, spiritual and other worthwhile values and concepts through the literature of other cultures, as well as those found in Philippine culture and society;
  4. To acquire knowledge and develop an appreciation of the arts and sciences as well as well as humanities to discover one’s abilities, potentialities and roles in order to attain self-fulfillment;
  5. To further enrich one’s perspectives of himself and the world around him; humanities to discover one’s abilities, potentialities and roles in order to attain self-fulfillment;
  6. To develop  discrimination   in  literary  tastes  through   the  cultivation  of  an  inquisitive attitude as well as open-mindedness;
  7. To develop the essential literary skills that will assist the student to intelligently react to, interpret and express ideas;
  8. To develop student’s research capabilities; and
  9. To enrich one’s learning experiences through extension services in the community

Mathematics Department


  1. To develop mathematically literate individuals capable of attaining the society goals.
  2. To  provide  the  students  with  specific  mathematical  skills  and  concepts  needed  to enable them to function efficiently and effectively in the world of work that they will engage in.

Social Sciences Department


  1. To develop a multidisciplinary approach in teaching social science subjects taking in mind the other disciplines needed by students to have a holistic understanding of self and society.
  2. To broaden  the  scope  of  learning   through  the  inculcation  of  liberalism  and humanism in the curriculum.
  3. To instill the love of learning for the purpose of developing better persons who are responsive and proactive to the needs of the community and the society
  4. To be well update with the social cultural, political, and economic issues affecting the nation in particular and world in general.   This includes adapting   new strategies and methodologies in teaching social sciences.
  5. To help students become competent social researchers that has a holistic understanding of themselves and the world around them.
  6. To advocate nationalism and culturalism as an important component for progress and development.


Course Title Code Location

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

AB-Econ. Main Campus

Bachelor of Arts in English

AB-Eng. Main Campus

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

AB-Socio Main Campus

Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy

AB-Philo. Main Campus

Bachelor of Arts major in Social Science

AB-Soc.Sci. Main Campus

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

BSIT Main Campus

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

BS-Math Main Campus