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BukSU Logo

1. The Lamp

It speaks for the light of truth to which the institution is committed. Truth enlightens and guides, truth radiates within the University and outward to the non-academic community. It is a statement that the University espouses academic, moral and spiritual truth.

2. The Adult and Child

As the main thrust of the University, education for teacher training is reflected in a leader (teacher) who holds the hand of a child representing the young. The teacher who is trained in the University’s College of Teacher Education is a formator, an enabler, a parent of the mind, a protector against the risks of an unschooled future. The teacher does not “finish” a child but leads him to discoveries and gives him confidence in the foundations so that he can step out and choose his options based on what is true, just and wise.

3. The Book

This is the symbol of knowledge which justice ensures and which truth generates. It stands for understanding of words imparted in the classroom, especially as a source of development of the Total Man, which the child is expected to become. It is also the book of time upon which the institution writes its history – its beginnings, its travails and triumphs, the continuing administration to produce good among the people of the region and eventually a mark for the fabric of national identity. It shares this mark with all other institutions of learning.

4. Laurel Leaves

This means excellence for which the University strives. The BSU administration is committed to excellence, the fruits of which are present in the graduates, its contribution to outside community, in its own growth and development, in the sterling qualities of its teaching force and personnel, in its leadership of culture and nationalism.

5. Sheaf of Palay and Flask

These symbolize the University‚Äôs quest for progress and prosperity in the region. The University is not moored only on the technology of learning. It also seeks to enrich the young Filipino’s yearning for the good in modernity and progress, and to claim a place in the practical world.

6. The Mountains

The University seal states by way of the mountains the site of this presti¬gious institution РBukidnon. It also evokes the heights of wisdom, the soaring of the mind that takes place in its halls.

7. The Shield

On the face of the shield rest all the symbols of the University. Education is a shield, a person’s defense against the tribulations of life. The shield is an item of honor, just as education crowns a man with profound honor.