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BSU Photo ExhibitIn line with the Centennial Celebration of the Province of Bukidnon, the Bukidnon State University (BSU) is hosting a month-long photo exhibit of Bukidnon artifacts from 1910 collection of Dr. Fay-Cooper Cole at the Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois, USA. The exhibit was commenced with an Opening Program and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and is held at BSU auditorium from August 11 – September 12, 2014. These artifacts are part of the collections during the Cummings Philippine Expedition for the Field Museum of Natural History (now The Field Museum) headed by Cooper Cole and William Jones. The exhibit also contains some of the Bukidnon State University’s collection and personal collections. The photo exhibit activity is one of the research outputs conducted by the BSU research team headed by Dr. Victor M. Barroso who aimed to describe the said artifact collections of Dr. Fay-Cooper Cole. The identification and description of these artifacts will give us insights and gain additional knowledge of the culture of the Bukidnon in the early 20th Century.

To formalize and give credits to the owner of the artifacts, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed and entered between Bukidnon State University and The Field Museum. The agreement provides among others that there shall be no further reproduction of these artifacts (photos and videos) without prior consent from the Field Museum.

The artifacts are categorized into six groups: headdresses, bags, baskets and weaving, clothes, musical instruments, necklace and bracelets, weapons and other artifacts used as containers of their personal belongings. It is very evident that all of the artifacts are made of indigenous materials such as abacca, vines, trees, and even vegetables (gourd) are dried to form containers.
The exhibit of these artifacts is one of evidences showing the rich culture of Bukidnon and is hence an eye opening activity especially to the young generations to help in the preservation and conservation of our culture.

Excerpts from Photo Exhibit Notes- Loreta Sol Dinlayan: Viewers are encouraged to approach the exhibit with reverence. The whole venue is a replica of a bangkaso, a ritual piece, where the red cloth, the Kilala plants, the university museum’s objects and the photos are contained. We are gathered in this common bangkaso. As a whole, this is a precious offering. As a gathering, this is a form of ritual. As we begin a cultural journey in this exhibit, may we acquire a sense of pride as stewards of this cultural heritage and as a people of Bukidnon.

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