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Dr. Jean L. Bejano, over-all coordinator of the AACCUP preliminary survey visit team, introduces her team during the opening program on May 21, 2018 at the BukSU Audio-Visual Center Information and Publication Service photo

Dr. Jean L. Bejano, over-all coordinator of the AACCUP preliminary survey visit team, introduces her team during the opening program on May 21, 2018 at the BukSU Audio-Visual Center
Information and Publication Service photo

MALAYBALAY CITY (IPS) Two programs from the College of Arts and Sciences, along with six other programs from two other colleges of Bukidnon State University, qualified for Level 1 survey visit within six months after the preliminary survey visit (PSV), an official from the AACCUP or the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines said.

Dr. Manuel T. Corpus, AACCUP executive director, in a letter to Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez on June 27, 2018, cited that the AACCUP board awarded CASʾ Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Social Science programs ʺcandidateʺ status after both programs hurdled the initial visit on May 21 to 22, 2018.

The status is valid from June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2020 but BukSU may already apply both programs for the first survey visit six months after the PSV. The PSV is an AACCUP visit for academic programs submitted for accreditation for the first time. Six months is the shortest period afforded to programs that obtained grand mean of 4.0 to 5.0 rating.

The CAS has surpassed expectations on the PSV, college dean Dr. Hazel Jean M. Abejuela said.

Dr. Abejuela spoke to members of faculty of the college during the opening of the semester faculty meeting held on June 29, 2018.

Based on the preliminary results presented by the accreditors during the closing program of the PSV, the two programs exceeded the expected rating. She credited the achievement to the cooperation and team work of the whole CAS workforce, especially those who worked in the local task force.

Dr. Jean L. Bejano, AACCUP team leader who is from the University of Southeastern Philippines, said during the closing program that all the eight programs, including the two from CAS, were recommended for evaluation for Level 1 accreditation.

As is the case for PSVs, programs are expected to pass at least a rating of 1.0 grand mean in the presentation of documents across all areas. The college set its target at 2.5 rating.

The BA in Social Science program obtained a grand mean of 4.03, with the top three highest rates obtained for Area 10 or Administration with 4.69, Library with 4.29 and Support to students and Physical Plant and Facilities with 4.20. There were a total of 30 recommendations for the program across the 10 areas.

Dr. Gemma M. Valdez from the Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology (DOSCST) led the AACCUP team accrediting the program.  The local task force was composed of Mr. Jude Joseph G. Rulloda, Mr. Rectche P. Colegado and Mr. Richard Ian Mark T. Necosia.

The BA Philosophy program also obtained a rating of 4.10 grand mean with the top three highest rates obtained in the areas; Administration with 4.43, Library with 4.25 and Laboratories with 4.21.  Prof. Samuel A. Planado, from Davao del Norte State College (DNSC), who led the accreditors for the program, endorsed 34 recommendations for the BA Philosophy program in all 10 areas.

The members of the local task force for the program were Ms. Kristine Ann B. Cruz, Ms. Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan and Mr. Christian J. Inovejas.

The six other programs from BukSU subject to the PSV, were: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Physical Education – School Physical Education, Ph.D. in Science Education major in Mathematics and Ph.D in Education Administration, all of the College of Education. The College of Business also submitted two programs, Master of Management major in Business Management and Doctor of Public Administration. All six programs qualified for Level 1 first survey within six months after the PSV.

During the closing program, Dr. Oscar B. Cabañelez expressed his words of commitment for the succeeding steps in the accreditation process of the eight programs and the rest offered by the university. Notably, the AACCUP gave BukSU administrationʾs support the no. 1 rank among the 10 areas evaluated.

Dr. Marilyn T. Rubio, BukSU Quality Assurance coordinator, said the PSV and other higher level survey visits has become usual fare in the university due to its desire to submit to continuous improvement to ensure quality education. (Walter I. Balane for College of Arts and Sciences/Information and Publication Service)