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The Alumni Relations of the Office of the Student Affairs profusely thanks all the participants to the ‘Name 7 BukSU Alumni’ Competition (June 15-June 30, 2016), an FB-based contest, open only to the BukSU students enrolled in Summer (Set 2) of Bukidnon State University (BukSU), Malaybalay City.

There were 31 entries; only one (1) of these utilized the official form for the competition. However, a total of 131 NAMES of BukSU alumni were traced. Sixty-six (66) of these are not yet ‘friends’ of the BukSU Official Account of the Alumni Association, during the competition period. Since the official form was not utilized, it cannot be determined whether the alumni are employed or unemployed; or if they are graduates of the kindergarten, elementary, high school, undergraduate or graduate level.

Except for one faculty entry, all the 30 entries did not make use of the official form to submit the names of the alumni, and hence in violation of the terms and conditions of the competition. Although the faculty who submitted an entry followed the competition instructions, he is not also entitled to receive any prize because the contest was open only to BukSU students of Summer 2016 (Set 2).

It is therefore with regret to inform the public that none of the entries is eligible to receive any prize. However, as an expression of our gratitude, we will be giving out consolation prizes but only to the entries made by BukSU students currently enrolled this summer. Please give us time to verify in person who these students are. We will keep you posted.